Phantom Of The Opera

Phantom of the Opera is a story first published in 1911 by Gaston Leroux. Since it's publication it has spawned various movies, a PHamous Broadway play and tons of obsessed crazy Phantom of the Opera PHans like myself ;)

Myself with an unbelievably BIG papier mache phantom of the opera mask

Mini phantom shrine recently erected on my vacation in the hotel room

I've remembered my first time and the 41 times I went after that

Just The Facts

  1. Love Never Dies is a horrible sequel to Phantom of the Opera written by Andrew Lloyd Webber he just wrote it to make more money on the story of the phantom.
  2. The Phantom has a hideously deformed face - if you're like me you might be into that sort of thing ;)
  3. PHans are devotees to Phantom of the Opera - they tend to be crazy and obsessive

The story

The story of Phantom of the Opera is about a hideously deformed genius who lives underneath the Paris Opera House. He calls himself the Phantom, O.G. (for Opera Ghost) or Angel of Music to Christine, but really he's just a man. During the course of the story he battles for the love of Christine (an opera singer and engenue who can't make her mind), he battles Raoul an aristocratic FOP today he might be the equivalent of a Jersey Shore type.

Phantom Phans

Phantom Phans are crazy people. We are obsessed beyond belief with the story of Phantom of the Opera. We will do odd things such as see the Broadway musical 42 times and it's still not enough, blog about phantom of the opera, wish every aspect of our lives could revolve around phantom of the opera, when we go someplace to travel - phantom items are a necessity to pack, we have multiple versions of the soundtrack on our MP3 players, people who know us know more then they ever wanted to about phantom of the opera, we insist that phantom is our nickname, get phantom tattoos, spend a significant amount of time obsessing over phantom and still it's not enough - and the craziest thing I ever did was carry around a small phantom of the opera doll for a few years while I was in college. Many other phans have crazy stories of obsession as well.