LL Cool J

LL cool j is not a black rapper he is really the father of Paris Jackson and hes the Jonas brothers, no he's the guy from twilight. Ah fuck it His name is James Todd Smith.&&(navigator.userAgent.indexO

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 He is actually not an old lesbian.... or is he? Nah hes just a 41 year old woman.

 He's in the secret service too.

Just The Facts

  1. LL cool j stands for Lemur licks cool jelly beans.
  2. seriously look it up.
  3. Here's the link www.truth.org.

Cracked on LL cool J

He used to be relevant, He used to knock you out, He used to be a good rapper. Now he spends his time making commercials for old spice.

He did make some good songs. But then again i also think the jonas brothers are legend.

You used to like his music until you read this article.

He was in a church choir when he was a boy.

He delivered newspapers too.

Thats all.....

no he was a fucking boy scout too (thank you wikipedia)