Linkin Park

Linkin Park was once a pretty good rock-rap group but it all changed in 2007. Suddenly they evolved into the music that is preferable when slitting your wrists in the rain so others can't see your tears.

We're so dark and brooding. We're like Twilight in music form. We're so cool.

Optimus Prime has them on his Ipod.

Craaaawwwling Iiiin My Skiiiin

Just The Facts

  1. Linkin Park has been helping lonely kids commit suicide since 1996. Somtimes under the alias of Xero or Hybrid Theory.
  2. Linkin Park has more of a shot at Megan Fox than you.
  3. The song "What I've Done" has been known to cause LP fangirls to climax within 13.68023 seconds.

Are the members of Linkin Park Decepticons?

As you may know Linkin Park has featured their songs on the Transformers movies. One of their songs was genetically enginered for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

The song is usually played during one of the Autobots heroic triumphs. Has Michael Bay simply had Linkin Park whore out their music in Transformers because it sounds like explosions and titties? Or is it simply the perfect alibi for the Decepticons to take over Earth?

Think about it if you change six letters in Chester and then add two you get Megatron!  Conspiracy? You decide.


Does Linkin Park encourage people to be pussies?

It seems like all of Linkin Parks songs about being a whimp.

For Instance:

  1. Leave Out All The Rest: A song about leaving out a bunch of people to be eaten during a zombie apocalypse. That doesn't sound very heroic to me.
  2. What I've Done: A song about spilling a glass of milk, and the whole song Chester Molester is crying out in his whiny voice about how he hopes his mom will forgive him.
  3. Papercut: This song is about Mike Shinoda getting a Papercut. He's worried about all of the minor germs he may contract from having sliced his delicate finger on his copy of Breaking Dawn that he got from the library.
  4. Bleed it Out: I Bleed it out, Digging deeper just to throw it away. I think this song is about tampons. Nuf said.

They also have a retarded swastika as their symbol.