Double Standards

Double Standards: because society hasn't screwed you over enough.


Just The Facts

  1. Double standards affect both genders, as well as race, religion, etc.
  2. The most well known double standard is the sexual double standard; a man can have sex as much as he wants, but a woman who has sex will be viewed as a hoe.
  3. Seriously though, you're a hoe.

Double Standards faced by Men

1. Guys can't hit girls, but girls can hit guys.

Men, when was the last time you hit a woman? I'm not talking about a playfull "tap on the shoulder", but a full fledged punch to the face? What, never?! And why is that? "Because it's just not right" huh? Hmmm...


Ok, but can you get a little more specific? Oh, because "they're weaker then us"? Alright, I guess that's true for the most part, but let me ask you this; Would you hesitate to beat a guy who keyed your car just because he was weaker than you? 90% of you would say "Yes", 5% would say "No, I don't like to hit anybody" and the other 5% of you are fucking liars.

The truth of the matter is that society has deemed it wrong for a man to hit a woman. But a woman hitting a man?

It's alright guys, she's just mad that he was talking shit about her girlfriends.

In the article, the author talks about how she hit men in anger who were unfaithful. Keep in mind that she's not talking about doing a german suplex on the guy, but a simple slap across the face. But even so, is that ok? When you're slapping someone, you're still hitting the person, and that's a form of physical abuse. So then why is it okay in our society, hell, even encouraged? One of the most simplest reasons is because it's hilarious. Imagine a 5'0'' girl going out with a guy who is 6'6', and this chick finds the guy in bed with a couple of hookers. The girl then proceeds to hit the guy, but he's okay with it because "it didn't hurt" and because "she was small", while we as society view it as "fucking hilarious".

But if the siutation was reversed, and the girl was on the recieving end of that slap? LAWSUIT!!!

Personally, when it comes to this issue, I'm from the Chris Rock school of thought:

"Ain't nobody above a beating".

2. Girls can wear whatever they want, guys can't

Imagine a girl walking down the street wearing a dress in summer (yes, she's hawt).

Now imagine a little bit later, you see a guy walking down the street also wearing a dress.

What do you do?

"You beat that queer's ass, that's what you do!

It's perfectly acceptable for girls to wear dresses, skirts, shorts, pants (not ok in my book), jeans etc. But how about guys? "Guys just don't look good in dresses?" Perhaps, but trust me ladies and gentlemen, I've seen chicks who have NO BUSINESS to be wearing dresses. You know, because they're fat and/or ugly.

Men are limited in what they can wear outside that is deemed "ok" by society. Pants, Jeans, and shorts. That's about it. But if a guy were to wear a dress out in public? He would either a. get gawked at and stares from everyone, or b. get his ass beaten or even c. both. Other than for comedic purposes, if a guy were to wear a dress for no reason other than "I like the breeze under there", he would get a reaction like the one listed above.

And if the guy were to look like this, I would join in on that fist parade.

3. It's okay for a 40 year old mom to be interested in teenage boys, but not for a 40 year old dad to be interested in a teenage girl.

Surely you've heard of the Twilight saga? Then you clearly now the type of fanbase we're looking at here:

Mostly teenage girls right? But as you'll notice on the left hand side of the picture for example, a couple of older ladies. But then again, that's ok right? Is it sad? Eh, kind of. Funny? Oh my goodness yes.

But if you were to view an older man at least in his 40's at a similar type of event/movie like this, but only with a young female cast? Creepy.

"I don't think my mom, who happaned to tag along with me on this event, has a huge, inappropriate crush on Edward! She obviously came because the plot is sooo excellent! How do I know? Because I hear "yes Edward, YES!!!" repeatedly at night in my mom's bedroom. She obviously can't get enough of the novels, duh! But Jenny's dad who is at the Taylor Swift concert with her younger sister? TOTAL CREEP!!! I bet you he's probably spanking the monkey even as we speak because she's hot. What a creep." - Random twi-hard chick.

Double Standards faced by Women

1. The Sexual Double Standard: A guy can have sex with 10 girls and be viewed as a "pimp", while a girl who has had sex with 10 guys is viewed as a "hoe".

One of the most well known double standards, this has been around for a long, long time. You see it in movies, TV, books, and in real life. If a girl has sex with multiple people, she will be viewed as a hoe, jezzebel, skank, slut, etc. A guy on the other hand? Pimp, Player (or the alternate form "playa"), Mac daddy, etc. So then why is it that the ladies get the short end of the stick? (Or long, amIrite?)

I'm no scholar or scientist, but I will try to break down the reason why. Let me begins my analysis with a question for all of you: what results from sex? If your answer is "sexual satisfaction", you're only 50% correct.

"Penis gets hard, penis goes into vagina, penis finished in vagina and nine months later....that's it! A baby is born!"

That's right, a baby is born. That might not seem like a bad thing to parents who are ready to have a child, but what about teenagers and young adults? In 2006, 750,000 women younger than 20 became pregnant within the United States. Just in case you didn't know, that's a large number. While it does take two to tango, who ultimately "suffers" the consequences? The guy? Sure, if he doesn't bolt and decides to stick around to take care of the kid. But maybe if he does run, he'll end up paying child support, right? Maybe. But who displays the "affects" of having sex? It's the woman. Society sees a young teenage girl who's pregnant, and are so quick to judge. It's the girl who takes the brunt of the blame, not so much the guy.

So to sum things up, girls are probably called sluts for having sex with multiple guys because they have to most to lose from having sex. But even then, it's just another unfair double standard.

Hell, this could be real for all you know.

2. In order for a woman to truly be sucessfull in the media (TV/Movies), she has to be good looking and talented. A guy just has to be talented.

Yet another double standard we see on a daily basis. You know from any Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, etc. film that you don't need to have to looks to be in the movies. But for a girl in a lead role?

You are so lucky you're hot.

A guy like Jesse Eisenberg can get away with acting in a lead role, because although he isn't the most handsome guy out there, he can act pretty well. But if you were to put the on screen equivalent of him in a lead role? Two words: MY EYEESSSS! Not only does the girl have to be physically attractive, but she has to have the talent as well. And if she doesn't have the body, she at least needs to have a pretty face. Not so much for a male lead.

Hell, for girls, you don't even need to be talented, just hot, such as in Megan Fox's case.

3. Women sports are boring, Men sports are awesome.

Actually, this isn't so much a double standard as it is fact. Let's be honest, how many of you watch professional women sports, either in person, or live? Only three things come to mind that you see on tv: Tennis, Basketball, and Golf. But for men? Pretty much every sport you can think of.

I would watch golf for this chick though.