Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler is a stand-up comedian, best selling author, and host of Chelsea Lately. She, along with Jenny McCarthy have the distinction of being both attractive and funny. Well, in McCarthy's case, somewhat tolerable.

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Just The Facts

  1. She is one of only two funny stand-up female comedians
  2. She might portray Lisa Lampanelli when feeling particularly sober
  3. She's listed as an actress, but when you're in a National Lampoon movie on this side of the century, you might as well put prostitute with a health plan

A woman of many suits

Chelsea Lately is listed as a stand-up comedian, producer, best selling author, late night host, actress, humorist, and model. She be busy.

She is most famous as the host of Chelsea Lately, one of two shows shown on the E! Television network with the sole purpose of making fun of other shows on E!. While you and your friends get drunk and gather around your television set to make fun of Kim Kardashian, she gets paid to get drunk and stand before us all, to make fun of Kim Kardashian. After her show proved a hit, a midget was featured in a little chair, Chuy Bravo (born Jesus Melgoza). See that, she converted Jesus, now she's rich!

Recently, Handler was the host of the 2010 Video Music Awards. She is only the second woman to host the event solo in the history of the show, preceded by another funny human hybrid, Roseanne Barr. It has yet to be determined if Handler was aware she had shown up at the wrong studio to make fun of famous people.

On top of her late night hosting duties, Handler has published three best selling books; My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One Night Stands, her memoirs, Are You There, Vodka? It's me, Chelsea, a collection of humorous essays, and Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang. While her latest book didn't come with a description of content, we can all do with the stretch of imagination needed. Sigh.

Stand-Up Career

Handler alone deserves praise for avoiding that comedic pratfall that is redundancy. Not one to stereotype, it's a scientific fact "" that, certain, female comedians fall into a dry spell of overused bits and unfunny observations. While very true with 90 % of male comedians as well, child birth and periods tend to scar just a little deeper than Carlos Mencia prattling on about whatever it is he says. Wait, scratch that. Carlos Mencia is the period blood of comedy. Dodged that bullet.

Further Proof

Taking the Maria Carey path to stardom, Handler was at one time dating Ted Herbert, CEO of Comcast Entertainment Group. Let me save you a google; thats the company that oversees the E! Entertainment Network. God, I really wish I didn't have to couple entertainment with E!. Ever. The way I see it, Handler was so successful and so funny, she broke up with her boss boyfriend, and still kept her late night talk show gig. Maybe Herbert didn't feel like recasting a drunk blonde body, seeing as how scarce they must run in the halls of E!, or that Handler is just that funny.

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