Flight Sim

Ever wondered what its like to fly a plane? Of course you have. Thats why games about fighter planes are so popular. Enter the flight sim.

Microsoft Flight simulator. AKA Taliban Aeronautics Program

Just The Facts

  1. Flight simulators are used by many government agencies to train pilots.
  2. Some states even mandate a certain amount of hours on a flight simulator before flying a plane for the first time. Hey, at least they dont let you walk off the street and give you the keys to a boeing.
  3. The increasing capacity of graphics are making the cockpits look more and more realistic!

Simulation, down to the last detail.

Ever wondered why pilots love to fly. Well with a flight simulator you can have a taste of it for yourself. Down to the most minute detail. Ever wanted to experience the thrill of a pre flight engine check? Daydreamed about the excitement of manuevering thru a crowded tarmac to your runway without being blindsided by a landing 747? Speaking of which:

Well with the advancements in computer programing you can experience all these joys and more. Never before has the technology been available to the public for such immersive entertainment. You can engage in the most indepth recreation of actual flight available without actually flying a plane yourself.

With many planes to choose from, ranging from WWII Era planes to modern day aircraft you can get behind the wheel, er...stick, of your favorite metal flying machine. But wait, the fun doesn't end there. Once you have selected your plane you get to perform all the necessary pre flight checks and taxi onto crowded airport runways. Then the real fun begins, and subsequently ends, until landing that is. In fact, the only real fun to be had in this game is in the landings, or rather, crash landings.

You know you've always wondered what it would be like to fly from Atlanta to Las Angeles, and now you can. You can enjoy every last minute of such flight. Which is around 6-9 hours depending on route, weather conditions, stopping to crash into and geological formations you happen to see or buildings that were just plain looking at you funny.

All in all, flight simulations give you all of the tedious instrument checking without any of the fun of actually being thousands of feet in the air. On the plus side, you can actually manage to nearly leave earth orbit in a cesna, something that would be impossible in the real world without a large and steady supply of rocket propulsion.