The Top 10 Most Hilariously Unlucky Deaths

Most people die naturally, either in their sleep or in an explosion (hey, that counts as natural in todays crazy world). Then there are the unlucky few who come face to face with the Grim Reaper for the most ridiculous reasons.

10. Michael Anderson

"Who is Michael Anderson?" we hear you cry. Well, Michael Anderson was a convicted murderer who was about to meet his sweet demise by way of the electric chair. However, the guy managed to convince the jury at his appeal that the person he murdered had it coming. Either that or he payed them off. Still, there's nothing hilarious or unlucky about this asshole, so what's the deal, eh?

In a perfect world, he'd look like this. Purely for the comedy of the situation.

This is more of an ironic death to be honest. He was found sitting naked on a metal toilet, stone cold dead. How did he die? He was trying to fix a television and he electrocuted himself. The Reaper may not be perfect, but he sure is a smartass.

9. Allan Pinkerton

Apart from having the best name in the world, Allan Pinkerton started the Pinkerton detective agency. He foiled an assassination plot against Abraham Lincoln and spent a lot of his time chasing Jesse James, hopefully with entertaining ragtime music in the background.

Oh, and he died from biting his own tongue!

A great loss for beard-kind

In June 1884, old Mr Pinkerton was strolling along, when he trip on the pavement and bit his own tongue. The tongue became infected, since back then, witchcraft like science and reasoning didn't exist. He died on the 1st of July 1884. If he'd have been famous enough, the USA would celebrate "Pinkerton Day" every 1st of July. But he wasn't, so now he's merely remembered as "that fella who died from a bitten tongue!"

8. Elvis Presley

We don't want to keep coming back to "dying on the toilet" for most of these, so we're getting this one out of the way. Yes, the king of rock 'n' roll died on the crapper, most likely whilst eating a cheeseburger or something equally fatty and bad for him.

Just in case some of you didn't know who Elvis was.

We'll be honest, dying on the toilet sounds extremely relaxing. You've just finished emptying your bowels, you're calm, you feel relieved, then BAM! Bright light, choir music, sharp pitchforks and a tall red guy with horns. That's how we want to go!

7. Kenneth Pinyan

Kenneth Pinyan. What a god damn psychopath!

The eyes of a lunatic

We'll jump straight into this one: HE DIED BECAUSE HE WAS BEING FUCKED BY A HORSE!

That's right, this guy animal appreciation a little further than most sane people would! Evidentally, he wasn't the only crazy bastard in Enumclaw, as he managed to convince a friend to VIDEOTAPE the horse/man sex session. He eventually died of a perforated colon. Basically, the horses dick punched through the wall of his colon, completely disregarding his assumption that horse penis' become flexible once inside an anus!

6. Jack Daniel

Famous for creating a tasty and satisfying alcoholic beverage (sign the cheque to cash please, Brown-Forman Corporation, thanks), Jack Daniel died in 1911 at the tragic age of 65. We'd like to tell you that it was alcohol related, but this isn't the 10 Most Ironic Deaths.

Jack Daniel died from an infected toe. This came about from kicking his safe. Why kick a safe? He'd forgotten the combination.

Okay, maybe it's sort of alcohol related.

5. Random Climber

What's funnier than a famous person dying in an annoyingly ironic and amusing way? Well, a lot, assuming you're sane. However, we do enjoy it when the person in the story is unknown, as it adds a sense of mystery. Not much is know about this guy, other than the fact that he was extremely stupid. Out hunting, two companions were crossing a glacier when the lead hunter slipped and fell off the side. What a clutz, eh?

We get the feeling that wouldn't have happened, had Sly Stallone been there!

Out of shock, and possibly mental deficiency, his companion did the only thing he could think of: shout "Are you okay?". As luck would have it, the answer "Yes!" came back to him. Relieved, he jumped over the edge. The last sight he saw was his friend hanging from a single branch which was protruding from the ice.

His last word was "Fuuuuuuuuuuck!" (citation needed).




1. This guy

We're not sure if this counts as unlucky (the guy clearly has issues), but it sure is hilarious! This occured on the 25th of August 2010, in South Korea.