Lil Boosie

Like every other rappers start off as broke, poor, and no future with a big dream of becoming a rapper and talking about it. Lil Boosie magically appeared from no where and become well known to many people, mostly in prison.

lil boosie and his

Just The Facts

  1. real name Torrence Hatch, born november 14th, 1982. Making him 27 today.
  2. Lil boosie is notorious for wearing a hat tilted to the side, wearing several chains at once 5 at the minimum, showing off his money pissing the world off, and like any other o.g. rappers, having a blunt in his mouth.
  3. Got expelled in highschool for drugs, which then he decided to becoming a rapper. It was one in a bajillion shot.
  4. Needs to be hooked on phonics.
  5. He is currently serving a four-year prison sentence in Dixon Correctional Institute for drug and gun possession. Typical of most "real" rappers.
  6. Lil boosie could be facing life in prison due to a murder charge that is pending. But like every rapper that goes to prison or jail they somehow still make new albums, even if they are dead! Take tupac for an example.
  7. The first black person, to my knowledge, to have small lips.
  8. Boosie is a "thug" where he's from they don't believe in red or blue they would rather just rock bandannas with fits that match but hes in zone 4 cross the track in south side baton rouge.......all black "thug nation"
  9. In most of all boosies song you will hear loud screaming going "BOOSIE!" or "BOOSIE BADAZZ!" which is how he spell its.

Lil boosie Badazz (" I dont give a shit nigga, that's how its spelt ")

Born and raised in Mississippi is where it all started for lil boosie. Started balling in highschool playing basketball but all his dreams were let down when he was expelled from school for drugs.

Lil Boosie's first car was a Camaro, followed by a Firebird, then a Cutlass, then a Dodge Ram. After he signed the deal with Universal Records, he bought a BMW 745. He now owns several Dodge Chargers, Which gives him the oppurtunity to be cocky to everyone he sees.

Unfortunately for this young rapstar, Lil Boosie has diabetes ( you thought I was going to say aids, didn't you?) and Lil Boosie has to give himself insulin injections in the stomach three times per a day. It's a good thing that he isn't afraid of needles or else that would really blow.

Lil boosie is a father of three kids, Which are all working on getting their gangsta degrees.

And it's all thanks to B.J oops I mean B.G ( a little joke) aka B Gizzle of Cash Money Records for teaching Lil Boosie everything he knows about the rap game. We salute you B.G for unleashing the demon!

a good rapper always shows off his "ice"

Lil boosie asks you to "wipe him down"

Every rap video has to have black dudes with expensive jewelry on and always ALWAYS got to have several half naked attractive woman dancing in the video, but I've always have been confused about this song.. I was not sure if he was talking about taking a shit and asking everybody to "wipe me down" or is it some slang term? Well whatever it means it's confusing as hell. Boosie's songs usually consist a good beat to make up the poor lyrics, a decent catchy and crazy enough hook so people can remember it,and a picture of him with a blunt in his mouth standing on top of a ferrari with lot's of cash in his hand and puts it as the cover of his album and it becomes a hit!

Lil boosie soon to go bankrupt.

With Lil Boosie's networth being 4 million, can he manage his money and not end up going bankrupt has been questioning me in the back of my mind. In almost all photos of Lil boosie you will see millions of dollars worth of jewerly, owning several dodge chargers as stated earlier in this article, his very expensive house, and not to mention his weed smoking addiction which is clearly stated on every album and pictures combined How does he have enough money for all this? And he maybe that rich and isn't stealing it, robbing places, but does he really have to be so f*cken cocky?!?

100k dollar earrings, worth more than your house

Take a picture real quick of me hitting this blunt

Cause I'm rich Wipe me Down

The end of Lil boosie