7 Things We Want Video Games Of

Since Pong was made, commercial advantage has come from movies and TV shows getting video games. Here are the ones we WANT to see made, and done right.

Video Games people wanted back in 1979.

Video Games people want these days

The Video Game no one wants to even think about

Just The Facts

  1. Video Games have been around since 1947, though not commercially until 1971
  2. Though there are numerous companies, three dominate (Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony)
  3. While not on Cracked, many Cracked readers will be sitting at a computer or in front of a TV srceen playing Video Games.


Every kid born in the era of Playstation and the Dreamcast grew up with a new career choice that their parents didn't have: Video Game Designer. Since then, numerous kids have flooded computers, game consoles and offices, trying to advance their own lives with the digital media of video games, many of which have given up within the first few minutes of realizing what it takes to do so...

Ladies and gentlemen...the Youth of America.

Many have seen success, working on amazing titles that will possibly have cult followings (Though not always likely). If you are one of these people, congradulations. You have achieved the title of 'Nerd Envy.'

But, since the release of E.T. and the corresponding video game (Which flopped HORRIBLY!), companies have taken movies, books and TV shows and turned them into video games in the hopes of making a lot more money. Some have been successful, but very few at that. The rest have been cast aside as new ways to cash in on 'growing trends.' This list is 7 games we would like to see out of all the movies, books and TV shows out there.

PLEASE let it do better than THIS!

#7: Men in Black

Bad Ass Dudes with Bad Ass Guns. What more could you want?

The movie series that made us wonder about our New York cab drivers and pawn shop owners has an amazing foreground already in place to make a great, Co-op video game. With a universe as open as this, the creators could easily make a linear storyline based around non-movie based events, so that you and a friend can have fun kicking some alien ass in your own way. Basically, we can use that thing from our childhood to make something up! What was that called again?...OH RIGHT! The Internet!

Imagine if you will: The evil emporer Gronth of the Selula Nebula has come to Earth in order to steal all of the trees on the planet so that he can terraform some other planet he wants to inhabit. The Men in Black (Playable Characters could include Kay, Jay, Zed, a few random, previously unknown agents) are tasked with stopping him and a small batallion of alien fighters, solving puzzles and shooting down alien badasses.

Neuralyzer...manditory equipment for in game use.

With games out there that are constantly pushing the envelope for what the systems we use have to offer, this game could easily top them all with the right amount of time and effort put into it. Soon, everyones 1990's fantasy about plastering aliens on a wall with a giant silver gun, followed by the usual mind erasing of anyone who saw them would be realized, minus the need to clean yourself after said alien exploded all over you (That seems to happen a lot...).

The Co-op aspect could be as simple as that of Kane and Lynch: Two guys who wear fancyish clothing, taking on their enemies with an arsenal of weaponry and problems towards each other. At some point they might have to seperate, at others they would have to work together. The entire story could have a narrator to help get events in order and provide a bit of comic relief, and the two main characters could also have side missions that could be taken care of, or not.

Story Narration done by Frank.

Now, I know a few of you reading this are saying "But Cracked Topic Editor Skullhead881, there are already Men in Black games out there!" This is something I am fully aware of, and if you have played these games, they were awful (In my opinion, anyways). I feel that if you are going to do a video game about one of the greater sci-fi movie series of all time (Third movie out Memorial Day of 2012!!!), then do it right!

This is a very broad universe, filled with not fully explained back sotries, unexplored topics, new theories and even newer concepts. Make the best of what you have and run with it. If it doesn't work, tweak it to do so. Just do it right!

PLEASE do it right!

#6: National Treasure

*GASP* A Nicholas Cage movie people LIKED?!?

Yes, the exploits of Nicholas Cage's movie National Treasure should get a video game. This modern day Indiana Jones could easily best some of the biggest baddies out there, all with his knowledge of history. Throw in a few jokes and some good casting for the characters and you've got a great game on your hands.

The series was always one that I was skeptical on, much like that of a more recent film "Night At The Museum." When I first heard about both, I figured we'd just get a history lecture unlike any other, seeing as they both heavily deal with history. Much to my surpirse, that wasn't the case. It simply 'sprinkled' the history stuff in as jokes and as a means of moving the story along, nothing more. I figured it was just so kids would watch it and not feel like they just got out of school, but whatever.

This flashlight might have been used by George W Bush Sr. That makes it historical.

This Indiana Jones style storytelling could easily become similar to a current series of games, Uncharted. With heavy amounts of action, great story archs and backgrounds, as well as numerous sites to see, this could easily be like the famous game series by Naughty Dog.

The main problem I think for this series is using something that is strictly American. With the last two movies, they've used up a lot of the monumnets we have, including Mount Rushmore, the Liberty Bell, Declaration of Independence, and more. So...what's left?

Perhaps the Bill Clinto-... I mean the Washington Monument?

Regardless of what you thought of the movies, you know well enough about them to know that this could be made into a good game series, if not just one stand alone game. It has a wide history of source material to already go off of, and with that in mind, let's just hope they don't make American's look like idiots in the process of making it.

We do that on our own.

#5: Dies the Fire, By S.M. Sterling

Just looking at the books cover can tell you this is an awesome book. And don't worry...it's nothing like The Happening.

If you have had the opportunity to read this series of books, you know what I mean when I say that this book should get a video game. Basically, the book takes place in modern times. A bright white light flashes across the world (Or so it is thought), causing 200+ years of technological advancements to suddenly just...stop. Guns don't fire, planes fall out of the sky, cars crash on the highway, that camera you have to spy on your neighbor suddenly stops: That kind of thing. Cool, right?

Many people get stuff they know they'll need to survive; Swords, shields, bow and arrow, food that doesn't need cold storage and anything else they would need to survive in the now wild world we they find themselves in.

"They always laughed at me for wearing armor around the office...NOW look at me!"

Throughout the first book, there are two major factions: The Bearkillers and Clan Mackenzie. These two are lead by two of the main characters of the book, Micheal Havel and Juniper Mackenzie respectively. With an entire army of soldiers each, this game could easily become a great RTS game.

Choose a faction and go through their story, fighting off invaders or fighting for land. Upgrades could include Compound Bows, Catapults, and more, all within reach, so long as you have the resources.

It is a good shrubbery...

During the story, the Clan and the Bearkillers meet up, thus making them allies. Co-op play could consist of them working together, but if you wanted a twist in the action, sick them on each other.

Even if it didn't end up being liek that, you could make a mix between the Fallout series and Oblivion, where you would have an open world to explore, full of danger, hand-to-hand combat, and a storyline that would be more original than most games these days.

Well Hi!

All in all, the book series is very descriptive and believable. It brings to question what humanity would do in situations like this, and I feel it does a great job. It has the foreground set for a great game as well, making it all the better. If you have yet to read this series, pick it up. It's a good one.

#4: Firefly

Some of the greatest, often over looked people of all time.

Thanks to Fox showing the series out of order, as well as not even showing three of them on TV, many people don't know about Firefly and the awesomeness that it holds. For those of you who have seen Serenity, you know more than some already. If you haven't seen either, do so. This is a great Sci-Fi series, and deserves to be known by more people. It has a great following now, but it could always be better.

This series of space pirates is filled to the brim with shoot outs, space action, hand-to-hand combat, and more, making it the perfect fit for a video game. It has a story that makes you want to cry at how beautiful it is, and has a cast of characters that make you love the show even more.

River Tam. One of the sexiest and deadly characters of all time I REALLY want to play as.

This Space Western deserves a good comparison, so I say make it similar to that of Uncharted and Borderlands, mixed together to form a union made in pixel heaven. While you explore the universe, you must use numerous weapons to take on hordes of enemies. You can play as any number of the cast, with four players going at it at once.

This seires was cancelled by Fox because they fucked up. They showed the episodes out of order, and even though not all the episodes are tied in together with one another for the most part, it still fucked up the show all together. This series deserves a rebirthing, and a video game would spark that uprising all too easily.

Dibs playing as Captain Reynolds!!!

#3: The A Team

I love it when a photo comes together.

"A crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... The A-Team."

And that's all you really need to know that this would make a kick ass game. If you haven't seen the series, or the new blockbuster movie, see the series first. The Movie is good, but is too much Hollywood magic to make it a good starting point for any soon-to-be die hard fan.

That, and the old series has Mr. T. He Pity's the fool who doesn't watch the old series first.

This game could easily bring a die hard four player co-op player to his knees. Simply play as one of the four members of the The A-Team, each of which has different strengths and weaknesses. And a kick ass storyline that would make the die hard fans weak for more, add a good cast of voice actors and writers, and you've got a game. Think of it as Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, only less characters to choose from and ten times better!

You could always use another game full of violence...unless you're seven, then you just need to play games for the Wii. Other than that, this could be a great way to make the series even better!

He just saw how awesome it is.

#2: Doctor Who

What the hell is he reaching towards?!?

For a series that's been around as long as Doctor Who, it's a wonder no one has released a good video game about the series yet. Each episode has a clear and concise enemy presented in it, plenty of action and mystery to boot, and each episode already seems to end in a Boss fight. Put all that together with a guy who can't seem to die anyways, a machine that can travel through time and an entire universe worth of sourse material, what's there to worry about?

Since starting in 1963, the series has had a total of about 769 episodes, as well as numerous references in other TV shows and movies. It has become known as one of the greatest sci-fi series of all time, and for good reasons too.

The 'trampoline villain' pictured above, however, isn't one of them.

The Doctor has made a large number of enemies in his time here in the world. He's gone to numerous planets, beaten numerous foes, and always seemed to come out on top. A game like this would work perfectly with the game style of Heavy Rain, where every action could lead to something different happening.

Imagine the Doctor has a split second to react to a large pillar heading straight for him. He can either dodge it in time, or get hit and be seriously hurt. Every action could lead to the possible death and regeneration of our fair Doctor, and that would make for an truly interesting game.

Hopefully, no cards would be involved.

Of course, due to the number of years this series has been out, there would be very high expectations for making this a great game. Hire the writer's of the show to help make the story, and a good team of coders and people to make it, with top name actors doing the voices of the Doctor and a possible companion to accompany him, as well as the enemies you'll no doubt encounter.

Daleks...now in assorted colors of bad-assery.

#1: MacGyver

Wanna compare?

If there's any series of TV shows, movies of books that's deserves a video game, it's Macgyver. This is a man who could take a ball point pen, two shoelaces, some baking soda, and scotch tape, and turn it all into a weapon of temporary destruction. He had the looks, the skills, the hair...all he was missing was a video game homage to his legacy.

Oh My God! Water Ninjas!

When I think about how this game would turn out, I instantly think of Heavy Rain. The series could easily just be an interactive movie, latting players move the controller as they see fit to allow for instant bonding of materials, high speed action, and plenty of hand to hand or gun related combat.

Imagine the story line though. MacGyver, having taken a few years off of his job, has found that his wife and child are kidnapped. He springs into action with his new sidekick (unnamed at this point, but an awesome co-op idea!) to get his family back. He'll use all of his cunning, his strength, and occasionally a gun to deal with the bad guys once and for all.

It has no practical use outside of being awesome.

This man has faced off against terrorist organizations and commies alike, and he always seem to coem out on top. He's made some daring escapes (See video below entitled "MacGyver Coffin Jet Ski Escape"), and he always knows that this thing can work with that other thing. I think he needs a game, and if you don't well...you should have made this topic first!

I would have done it using a screwdriver, toothpaste tube, and some string.