Disney: Race

Disney films are movies we all know and love, from young to old. But do you ever watch a Disney film and think "That's not right"? Well, it probably wasn't. Like Mulan, and those Crows off Dumbo

Just a Chinese girl at heart.


Just The Facts

  1. Disney films use a lot of different races.
  2. Every character is an English speaker.
  3. As long as the character is loosely based on an ethnic race, all is good.


A simple Chinese girl who runs away to the army for her ill daddy, after she fails to get a life at home. Shame. Everyone knows she joined the army of China, was run by a Chinese person, and had a Chinese family.

To make things a little more confusing, Mulans legend was recorded in both Chinese and Japanese history, so how does Disney solve this? By, so it seems, making the story Chipanese. (See what I did there? Both Chinese and Japanese. What?)

So, what things could you possibly hide in a generally based Chinese animated movie? The fact the first part of the film is based on Mulan being made up as a Geisha. Geishas are Japanese.

You mean you can't dress them the same?

You mean they're not the same?

In China, women would have worn a cheongsam.