Ryan Reynolds

Canadian Ryan Reynolds is one of the most versatile actors in the world.

Ryan Reynolds portraying bearded comic book hero Hannibal King

Ryan Reynolds portraying bearded ax wielder  George Lutz

Ryan Reynolds portraying beard-free comic book hero Hal Jordan

Just The Facts

  1. Ryan Reynolds started his acting career in 1990.
  2. In 2004 he stopped acting, and started being a shirtless piece of eye candy.
  3. He is still, on any given day, 1000 times more watchable than Matthew McConaughey.

Ryan Reynolds, the television years

Ryan started his acting career in 1990, playing Billy in the Nickelodeon series Fifteen. After the series ended in 1993, he moved back to his hometown of Vancouver where he played in a series of TV movies. I would list those movies, but someone changed the Wikipedia entry the day after I read that. In 1997, he landed the role of Berg in the sitcom Two Guys, A girl, and a Pizza Place. Despite this show being a complete abortion, during season two Ryan manages to pull off the most accurate Christopher Walken impersonation ever:

Dead on

The Early Movies of Ryan Reynold

Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place was a failure of epic proportions. However, when the critics saw the Walken impersonation, they took a second look at this young funnyman, and they knew that they had to have more. So he was offered the role of Boltneck where he turned in his most stellar performance to date:

His flawless portrayal of a modern day Frankenstein's monster earned him the role of professional college student Van Wilder, in the movie Van Wilder. This movie was not only funny, but predated Jackass by being the first movie to graphically show the consumption of animal semen.

His next raunchy comedy was titled Waiting in which he played wise ass waiter Monty. While this movie is full of sleazy comedy and downright appalling humor it does contain a very heartwarming scene between Monty and his mother.

Ryan Reynolds the Superhero.

Fans of alliteration, behold. Ryan's full name is Ryan Rodney Reynolds. No shit. Stan Lee couldn't have come up have come up with a better super-hero name if he wanted to. So naturally with a name like that he was given a shot at playing Hannibal King in Blade: Trinity. He was so impressive with out his shirt on, that soon he was offered the role of George Lutz in The Amityville Horror. With two shirtless performances under his belt, the offers started to fly in. First he discussed interest in wanting to play Wally West in a film adaptation of DC character the Flash. Instead Marvel chose him to play another WW. He was given the role of Wade Wilson in XMen Origins: Wolverine. Even though the film completely massacred the character of Deadpool, Marvel studios has recast him to play Deadpool in the upcoming self titled film. His latest, and most talked about movie to date is Green Lantern. He will play silver age hero Hal Jordan in the film, and as seen in the following video he is already a huge hit with the fan boys: