The Ting Tings

The Ting Tings is a musical act hailing from England. They combine alternative, pop, New Wave, indie, rock, rap, and all the other genres that exist, but not necessarily in that order.

Holy shit the singer's a girl?!! OHMIGODThat's so cutting edge and modern and-

Just The Facts

  1. The Ting Tings is 50% girl, which would be more awesome if more than two people were in the band.
  2. Since the boy mostly plays the drums and the girl mostly sings, most of their songs are carried by samples, layers, or session players.
  3. The dude is like a decade older than the girl. Ew.


The Ting Tings were formed out of a dyslexic British kid's imagination right on the eve of May 9th, 2008. Both members were already famous in a sort-of-but-not-really-famous-which-is-cool-for-parties-and-stuff-because-usually-they-had-to-play-for-free way.

The band was named after a Chinese girl who worked with the lead singer in a boutique. Actually, yes, now that you mention it, that could totally be misconstrued as racist. Good work, The Ting Tings.

The other half of that face is pretty furious.

Katie White (that's the girl one)

Katie White sings in the band and plays an instrument that isn't pre-recorded when she feels like it. She does what she wants and kicks ass, probably, as per the norm for British people who are in bands. I wonder if she ever thinks about the fact that being attractive might have something to do with her success.

Which isn't to say she's not talented.

I'm just sayin'.

I mean, dude, come on. You wouldn't hit that?


Not pictured: A lack of appeal.

The Other One

The boy in the band is not Katie White (that's the girl in the band. See the above section for picture.) He isn't totally incapable of making good music, but he does play the drums, which counts for points against.

Also, he seems to be under the impression that stupid sunglasses make him look cool or something.

Not pictured: The interesting half of The Ting Tings.

Being Awesome

All things aside, I can safely say The Ting Tings is an awesome band. Unless you don't like the staccato sampling from "That's Not My Name" stuck in your head for 18 hours straight.

Apparently one of them suffers from some sort of short-term memory loss and needs to be reminded of what their name isn't every few verses.