-Under Construction-Leela is the captain of the Planet Express ship; a capable leader who is as lacking in fear as she is depth perception...

Leela shows Kirk who the tougher captain really is...

Just The Facts

  1. Leela is a purple-haired woman with one eye.
  2. She thought she was an alien, but it turns out she's just a mutant. So...not very weird after all.
  3. Leela is usually in charge of Planet Express missions.
  4. Mostly because no one else puts much effort into things if she doesn't boss them around.
  5. There is WAY too much "cartoon porn" when you search for images of Leela online,
  6. Seriously, what the fuck is even wrong with people? Can't you just...enjoy a cartoon because it's funny and clever?

Cyclops Woman Got One Eye In Her Head...

"Turanga Leela", voiced by Katey Segal (best known as white-trash tv mom Peg Bundy) is generally just known as Leela.

She grew up in an orphanage where she studied martial arts. Eventually, she was old enough to leave, and she took a job implanting scannable career chips in people's hand, which wasn't exactly rewarding.

One day, a client named Fry ran away and refused to be chipped, and Leela had to launch into action to track him down and give him his damn chip. However, after finally catching him and hearing his somewhat rambling explanation

Leela is good at leading, Bender is good at calling attention to himself, and Fry is good at falling down.

At least this one is mostly tasteful...by which we mean she isn't having disgusting cartoon sex with Zoidberg or anything.