Time Machine

Time travel has been a hot topic in science fiction for quite a while. But is it possible? Maybe not but if it was possible that would make life very interesting.

Lets fill this truck with beanie babies, go back to 1998, and then sell them all.

Lets get some machine guns and go back in time. We'll dominate any war.

Lets go back to the salem witch trials and freak them the fuck our with our technology.

Just The Facts

  1. Your watching the news after the time machine is invented. "This just in everybody won the lottery again they keep going back in time with the winning numbers"
  2. If backwards time travel is possible the lottery would cease to exist because EVERYBODY would win. Just go back in time and choose the correct numbers.
  3. You might think backwards time travel would be cool but wait untill someone tries to kill you for shit "you are going to do."

Time travel and its many problems

Backwards time travel is not possible as far as we know but forward time travel is possible. Just fly your spaceship near a black hole and your good to go. Flying near a black hole doesnt sound too fun though so i'd avoid that. Backwards time travel would cause a lot of problems Have you ever tried to talk to a hot girl and she ends up thinking your a huge loser? No worries go back in time and try again untill you get it right it would be kind of like that movie "50 first dates." Has your girlfriend ever been mad at you and you cant figure out why? Well wait untill you add shit your "going to do" into the equation...good luck. Traveling backwards in time would be like when your playing video games and you hit reset because you screwed up, except you could do it in real life for anything. Have you ever seen those history channel shows about how aliens we're around thousands of years ago? Those are not aliens its our great-great grandchildren playing with time machines.