The pokewalker is an accessory for the pokemon ds game that is clipped to your waist. It allows you to put a pokemon from your game onto the pokewalker and the pokemon will get stronger in the game for each step the pokewalker registers.

This is a pokewalker aka the

A 4th grader who was fat until the pokewalker came out. Apparently his geodude is being shy.

This is a 4th grader who figured out that the pokewalker works just as well when you strap it to the bottom of your jaw while eating.

Just The Facts

  1. If pokemon were real Michael Vick would be the best pokemon trainer ever.
  2. This is a big step in fighting obesity. Now if Mcdonalds would just require all costomers to do one correct push-up before ordering we would be set.
  3. Next they should make a solar powered game console. So in addition to excercising nerds now occasionally have to go near sunlight.

The birth of the pokewalker

When I played pokemon we had the "rare candy trick" which would quickly get our pokemon to level 100 but basically all it tought us is eat as much candy as you possibly can to get big and strong sure they also had "protien" and "calcium" but of course absolutly nothing was better then rare candy. Kids are getting fatter at an alarming rate. At one point some guys in Japan from the pokemon company had a meeting about how alarmingly fat todays youth is. "Alot of our young pokemon fans are obese what should we do?" "How about we make a step counter that directly interacts with the game." "Great idea!" When the first commercial for the pokewalker popped up on tv I thought to myself "how great that kids are gonna get more excersise now." The athletic kids in schools will now have stronger pokemon because of the pokewalker and pokemon will be added to the long list of things that athletic people are better at then fat people. Athletic kids have always been better at sports but now they are creeping into the realm of video games which would leave any nerd worried.

What might happen in the future.

Ok so the pokewalker wont combat obesity all by itself I'm sure those smart ass kids will figure out ways around it. I cant help but think if I was one of the Japaniese guys in the meeting about the pokewalker I would have thought of something much more effective. The poke excercise ball? The poke dumbell set? The poke pullup bar? Dont be suprized if sometime in the near future you see a kid who is pure muscle while also having a team of level 100 pokemon. Remember those nerds you picked on in high school? They will come back as an army of muscle freaks to get you.