Parents: God's answer to fornication or whatever.

At first, only this happens....

Eventually, when you start drinking at 35, that happens.

Just The Facts

  1. Parents will try to smother you at any possible chance.
  2. You pick their retirement home. High-rise condo, or the slums in The Bronx?
  3. Respect the fact that you're here. Meaning, respect your parents.


Parents are likely the bane of kids around the world, whether they be young, old, boy, girl, and whether they write lyke dis. They are good, but it can be hard to see that. Like, say, when they accidentally pushed you off a cliff because you wanted to try sky-diving. I can hear Mommie say: "Oh dearie dearie me! I suppose you brought that parachute that's at h- (sees you don't have it) OH SHIT! HONEY, COME BACK!," and turns on Daddie and throws him off the cliff too, because her psychologist told her it was a 'form of tension release'. By the way, stable mother there. Parents come in many shapes and sizes, young, old, male, female, and whether they graduated from high school. But hey, parenting can be pretty hard on them too! Like, all the decisions they make - what to buy, what to wear, etc etc. These things can be pretty much left alone by yourself, so long as you buy your own clothes, lest your mom returns with enough Hello Kitty merchandise to fill the home.