Flobots (no "the" in there, got that?) is an alternative rock group from Denver, Colorado. They are famous for not being characters in South Park.

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Just The Facts

  1. Flobots combines poorly written rock riffs with schizophrenic rap lyrics, and, just for the hell of it, a string section.
  2. Flobots formed in 2000, which means they were against the System back when it was sort of not really cool but not totally lame to be against the System.
  3. This also means it took them 8 years to get a hit single.


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As far as their platform goes, Flobots adopted the mainstream-palatable view of being against the System but not in favor of the violent, French Revolution-style takeover other (see "more awesome and badass") bands might.

"Downz with the machinez!"

Being Famous

Flobots' song Handlebars is easily their most popular. (It's the one with the violin plucking that has the word handlebars repeated in the opening. If you still don't know what it is then please use your Internet connection to call for help, as you have most likely been trapped in an abandoned mineshaft for a long while.)

You also may want to look up possible job alternatives.

Unfortunately, even though the rest of their music is pleasantly competent and requires at least mild amounts of talent, Flobots is forever going to remain in the shadow of their hit, which wasn't really ever that famous to begin with. On those crappy youtube videos of people waving video recorders around in the 5th row at outdoor concerts, the snarky bastard holding the camera always says something like "this is what we've been waiting for!" whenever Handlebars starts up, as if they hadn't even enjoyed the concert up until that point.

I'm thinking these guys could relate.

Also this guy.

Them too.

Oh yeah, I remember that.

Definitely not these guys though.

Rage rules. Fuck yeah.

Anyways, it's highly likely that Johnny 5 (that's the lead singer, you know) is going to be asked to sing that song for the rest of his natural life, and maybe a few concerts afterwards.

"Do Handlebars!"

Being Awesome

The jury's still out on Flobots. At least they did have the one hit, that's pretty cool. Cool for all of the band members except Brer Rabbit, who doesn't even have any lines in the most famous song by his band.

Nobody gives the token black guy a mic. Go figure.

You know what is definitely awesome, though?