Coach From Left 4 Dead 2

Coach (a coach) becomes the old guy in a team of 4 zombie killers.

Look out! A black guy with a gun!

Just The Facts

  1. Coach is incredibly devoted to his job, as he refuses to be called anything other than "Coach"
  2. Or maybe he's just some kind of perv who gets a kick out of that.
  3. Either way, it's pretty stupid.


Coach likes chocolate and cotton candy and being a fatass. On occasion, he or one of the other characters will make jokes about how Coach should lose weight.

It is extremely funny.

Coach is the de facto leader even though he can't lead shit, but that's okay because the only one smart enough to lead is Nick, and he's too busy doing blow.

Tyler Perry's Left 4 Dead 2

Relationship with other survivors

Nick: Coach and Nick are not fond of one another, probably because Coach wants them to "pull together," and Nick wants to see if he can get zombies to buy cocaine.

"Goddamit Coach, you shot my bag man!"

Rochelle: Coach calls Rochelle "little sister," which means he cares about her. Unless he had a really traumatic childhood and hates his entire family.

Ellis: Coach and Ellis both know that Ellis is a retard. Had he an ounce of forethought, Coach wouldn't have let him anywhere near a gun.

Special Powers

There are no unique traits in Left 4 Dead 2, but if I had to guess I'd say Coach could beat the shit out of you.

Also, he likes going here to refill his awesome.