trolling is, depending on who you ask or who you du it to, is completely awesome, or being the biggest dick in the world. this page gives you an answer from both perspectives along with some examples of the gray areas.

the common troll: artists guess

an example of some fuck who didnt get the memo that trolling should only be on the internet.

contrary to popular belief thes guys are not always trolls(unless your tom cruise)

Just The Facts

  1. trolling is the act of being a dick on the internet
  2. any troll without a braincancer knows he would be powerless without anonimity
  3. in some rare cases trolling can be awesome.

trolling: a dick's point of veiw.

trolling is a totally awesome thing to do on the internet. whether youre just bothering someone or driving them to scuicide on a webcam. its great to troll newfags and anyone else who is a cancer to the internet. any real troll must be ready to use disturbing images and jokes any newfag would find offensive because offending newfags is awesome. anyone who does not use these techniques and thinks he is a troll is a fag and must be forced of the internet.

trolling: a regular guy's point of veiw

the neutral areas.

in some cases it can be awesome to troll evenj if you have morals. for example, trolling the fuck out of a justin beiber fan's youtube channel has got to be the best sort of trolling ever. likewise it's alright to troll on any one else society deems annoying.