War On Drugs

And America wastes billions of dollars on this?!!

Pictured: Illegal substances (Average Death Toll: About Less than a thousand)

Pictured: Legal substances (Average Death Toll: Over 40,00)

Just The Facts

  1. Term first by coined by Nixon Administration
  2. Legalizing drugs could create a profit of over $75 Billion Dollars
  3. Remember the alcohol prohibition and how successful that was?

War On Drugs: Wasting Our Money Since 1970

Polticians everywhere are trying to stop one of the most common activities -- They think it corrupts our youth....

"Go Ahead Timmy! Play this all you want, but absolutely no smoking weed and improving your social life!"

Face it. Odds are more than 95% of Cracked users have once experimented with smoking, drinking, and all that other fun stuff. It still remains illegal. It still could bring in that "Extra Cash" America needs to build the Herbert Hoover Memorial Cemetary, or Bush "War on Terror Museum", or "Salvador Dali Center Of Dream Smashing". The List goes on.

The Yogi Bear Memorial Center

Instead, hundreds of Billions of our dough goes into funding this. That's right folks! Our money! The funding mostly goes to sustain Rod Blegojevich's struggling cocaine addiction...

"Senator Montana, we think we've found a senator interested in buying your seat..."

A majority of the funds go to the drug enforcers. Mostly their outfits and weapons which seem to cost more lives than arrest.... An Example: A Columbian Drug Lord

As played by Exiasprip

Attempts to smuggle 58 pounds of cocaine across the border; However, our Police Officer

As played by the Keystone Cops

Catch Exiasprip in the act; HOWEVER, he fights back with his drug cartel army. Everyone dies including 15 onlookers. If our "Drug Plan" never existed Exiasprip would still be alive as well as his army. In fact, odds are, he probably would've never became a smuggler in the first considering that drugs would rapidly be imported. The Keystone Cops would just resume making things worse.

All in all, it's a waste of time, money, and lives

And Precious Kevlar

And after all, we remember how the Alcohol Prohibition worked out.