Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

"Dirty Deeds" is a single by AC/DC which describes the life and times of a man who leads a life of crime, and his name is never revealed. It is sung by Bon Scott, so we will call the character Scott.&&

...I don't get it.

Just The Facts

  1. This song was released in 1879.
  2. This song is a cover of another song by the Beatles.
  3. This song is from the album "Back in Black". DAMN YOU, WIKIPEDIA! FOOLED AGAIN!

A Job Description Flyer From Scott.

Are you having trouble with the high school head?

Are you having troubles in your life of love?

Do you have a lady who's company you do not enjoy?

Then Pick up the Phone!

I'm Always Home!

You can reach me at: 362-436HEY!


-Concrete Shoes






-High Voltage

My prices are Dirt Cheap!

Courtesy Of Dirty Scott Inc.

Other services include Murder, Adultery and Being your Back Door Man.