Jay And Silent Bob

Jay and Silent Bob are the iconic characters from the most stolen movie ever, Clerks. Why is it stolen so much? I couldn't say that without making fun of it, and I prefer not to because it's one of my favorite movies.



Just The Facts

  1. J&SB first appeared in Clerks, then went on to have smaller roles five more movies including their own, "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back"
  2. Kevin Smith plays Silent Bob, while also writing and directing most of the movies they appear in.
  3. Their last movie was "Clerks 2"...Well, at least it wasn't Mallrats.
  4. Cheech and Chong, two other infamous stoners, have been in more movies then Jay and Silent Bob. J&SB, however, are actually funny, so they have more money.


Jay and Silent Bob have become icons over the year. Why? I have no fucking idea. Just about every movie they've starred in has been a hit. (Notice I said "that they appeared in", meaning them together, not seprately. But more on that later.) One of the most well known appearences by the Dickheaded Duo is in the movie Clerks, a movie about doing absolutely nothing. Isn't America great? No, it isn't.

Do YOU want to make fuck with Berserkaaaaar?

Riding the money train that is the genius of the big-gutted Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, the guy who plays Jay, went on to appear in most of Kevin Smith's movies, and make cameos as Jay in others. Has his acting talent allowed him to play people other then himself? Absolutely not. In fact, the only movies people may have heard of where he doesn't appear as himself or Jay, is "Zack and Miri Make a Porno", where acts like Jay but just has a different name, and "Bottoms Up", which I haven't seen because it has Paris Hilton, and I don't watch anything with Paris Hilton in it that wasn't shot in night vision.

Okay, am I the only one who thinks Paris Hilton looks like a statue in this picture?

Kevin Smith has been a bit more succesfull with side projects, but that's not saying much. He produced "Good Will Hunting", was a main actor in the movie "Catch and Release", and he wrote and directed "Zack and Miri Make a Porno". Then again, he also directed "Cop Out" and made a cameo in Scream 3, so his track record's not completely clean.

"Silent Bob, I ain't doing this shit unless Wes Craven puts Jamie Kennedy back in Scream. I don't give a fuck if he's dead! they did it with friday the 13th, they can sure as hell do it here!"

Overall, even though they can't really play anyone but themselves, I think Jay and Silent Bob have become a bit of an icon over the years. And even if that's an Icon for drugs, language and scraping by, doesn't that relate to about 80% of the people who would actually go to see a movie about two guys working in a store?