Buster Keaton

Only one white man can influence Jackie Chan... He's also more talented.

Back in the 1920s, whatever didn't kill actually made you stronger.

Just The Facts

  1. Buster Keaton is considered one of the greatest silent stars of all time (Along with Rudolph Valentino, Charlie Chaplin, and other less talented assholes).
  2. He has appeared in countless movies, most of which he wrote and also directed.
  3. He did all of his own stunts, even unknowlingly breaking his neck before. (It made him stronger)
  4. When the era of sound movies came along, he was fucked (along with most other silent stars).
  5. In 1959, he was presented with an honorary Academy Award for his works (That meant he was going to die soon).
  6. He died on February 1, 1966 from lung cancer at the age of 70.
  7. He still remains one of the most influential figures in Hollywood.

That Guy Who Falls Down Staircases

Joseph Frank Keaton was born October 4th, 1895 to a traveling Vaudeville family. So naturally, theatre was in his blood, but his "Busterism" didn't show until his early days of injury started. In a vaudeville circuit (and in slapstick insanity), Buster, only 8, gets into a fight with a unseen being. He flails around and is unscathed..... INSTEAD.... upon flailing on the ground, he managed to kick himself in the forehead knocking himself unconscious.

I just wanted to be cool like him....

"I just wanted to be cool like him..."

But that wasn't the end of his injuries..... It never was the end of his injuries.

"Hey Buster, that was one hell of a fall when they were robbing you."

Harry Houdini remarked, upon watching him tumble down a staircase, "Hey kid, you're a real Buster!" History would forever change. Joseph adapted the new name and continued to concuss himself.

The Movie Era

Buster would encounter (Then) film-legend, Fatty Arbuckle who really kicked him off into the film industry. His first role (As Buster) in "The Butcher Boy" set his career forward; However, he'd have to branch of from Arbuckle. "Fatty" was accused of murder (He ended developing the nickname O.J.). Keaton went on his own, directing and writing along with his usual shtick. "One Week", his first individual production was a hit. He would continue along with a successful career responsible for "Our Hospitality", "Sherlock Jr.", and his biggest success to date: "The General"

"Guys! My Head's Stuck! Guys...."

Citizen Keaton

All heroes must have a downfall unfortunately. His was sound. Sound movies that is. Most of the silent era actors were screwed except....

Julius_Goat, The_Poop, and Savinator


And Bela Lugosi

After signing a contract with (Those Fuckers at) Columbia Pictures, he was no longer allowed to write or direct.... Just act.... with his voice. More importantly, this meant fewer stunts and shtick. He soon faded into obscurity through the 1940s, but as luck would have it, the show "This Is Your Life" (Hosted By Julius_Goat) would bring him back into the spotlight just once more. Then he died.

Not Immediately. But Eventually, he died.


His slapstick humor can still be seen today on illegally pirated copies of his movies (And in other people's acting style as well). Jackie Chan stated: "OMFG! Buster Keaton Totally Influenced me!*"

*Denounces that words might've been taken out of context

If you happen to be reading this on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, keep an eye open for two stars bearing his name; One for acting and one for his television career.

He'd get a third one, but he inspired this.