is an online community that lets you record, share and listen to music and define your personality through other people's art for the whole world to see. Basically, it's myspace all over again. Without the garish layouts, thankfully.

Just The Facts

  1. One feature of is a button that enables users to compare their musical tastes based on their scrobbled statistics. The result is presented as a bar that is coloured according to their musical compatibility. One can also change the perspective and call it a how-geeky-and-unusual-is-my-musical
  2. Another thing is the LOVE button. If you think that listening an MP3 file 450 gazillion times and having submitted that to your profile just does not express how much you like it, you click that button and the song appears on a special page reserved for loved songs.
  3. Besides that you can inform about tourdates, downloads or add random buzzwords to the existing tags on the page of your most hated artist.

What is it? is an online community that lets you record, share and listen to music. Users submit their playlists via some plugin and each MP3 is tagged and gets posted (»scrobbled«) to their profile while played, and to marketing researchers who can make good money from all this free data.

People may organize groups and open discussions about whose favourite band is the most obscure, but most important: they feed the system with info about artists' bio- & discography and automatically deliver statistics on what track is played how often and by whom. Why anyone should care what that weird kid from high school is listening to at age 39 remains unanswered.