Younger Siblings

ok so we all kind of know how a younger sibling can be... or do we?

keeping them quiet... they never are until they're asleep

typical siblings fighting over food. they must have bad parents.

siblings love to start arguments. thats their version of commedy.

Just The Facts

  1. well even though they are insane you still love them... just in a wierd way
  2. usually recieves a lot more attention depending on the age difference
  3. slowly drives you and your other family members crazy

When they first come

When they first show up, depending on your age, for instance if your the kid thats all ready 5, your usually very exited to see them here. Your sitting next to your mother thinking So THIS is what they've been raving over. After the first few years though, when they start learning to talk and has your adoring mother and father wrapped around their fingers, you totally forget about that first year or two and your real job as an older sibling starts... Annoying the crap outta your sibling and parents. Now if your the kid who's parents decided that they were gonna have your sibling a year after your born, your more than likely at home being baby sat by that old lady across the street with the house that smells like cooked cabbage and the 20 or so cats.

Getting back at you: The way they drive you insane at such a small age.

So here we are. Your in Middle/Highschool and your sibling who is only in the 4th grade has been annoying you driving you insane since they started pre-school. Here's how they do it: they whine to your parents if you wont play with them. If you just so happen to have that little sister, its worse... Daddy's little princess just has to cry a little and when he comes running in, she makes up that sorry sob story. Then while she is in his arms, she gives you that little devilish smile while your father tells you to do what ever she tells you. Now as for that little brother. Well really its almost the same story, except its Dad's champ and Momma's boy. remember when that was you? Kiss that dream good bye. Back to the middle/highschool thing. So your studdying for that big exam on friday, with the door to your room shut. Thats when the little hethan comes slamming into your room screaming how you never go outside with them anymore and how you never spend time with them and how your always locked up in your room. And then you snap. You start yelling at them until they finally shutup and gives you those " Im going to scream and your world is gonna go down the drain" eyes. Good luck with that one. Lets just say by the time you turn 20 your gonna have grey hair.

Even when your all grown up and gone.