A tale about the all-inclusive crimeworld and it's shady underdealings in Great Britain. So if you've seen Locked Stock and Two Smoking barrels, its pretty much more of the same.

Stupid pan and scan missed out all the rest of the cast

The Characters

Bullet-tooth Tony

It's Vinny Jones bein' 'ard as a freelance enforcer of sorts. You can call him "Susan" just as long as he get's paid. Again he has one of those names that gives some sort a physical discription and gives some sort of backstory. He only got shot 6 times compared to 50 cent's nine, but at least he dealt with his assailant almost immediately after.

He's obviously a high-roller with that kind of dental treatment.

Frankie Four-fingers

His nickname stems from the fact that he lost a finger over some out-standing gambling debts. He's the guy who pulls of the orginal diamond heist, which sets off a massive chain of events involving death, incompetance and hilarity.

Humans normally have four finger on one hand, a**hole. That makes you Frankie Three Fingers

Borris "the Blade"

Noted for being a "Sneaky f*****g Russian" as well as it being "Imposible to kill the B****d". He's an X-KGB-turned gangster and he very well means serious business. He's also known as Borris the Bullet dodger and you should all guess why he's got theat nickname.

Borris dodges bullets without the need of limbo training.


Played by the suave, cockney, Jason Statham. Here, he plays an underground boxing promoter who's bad fortunes begin because Tommy falls prey to the Irish Travellers and their coniving schemes.

Unfortunately he never uses his awesome martial arts skills, nor his aptitude for automobiles but he makes one mean narrator. At least he has the appropriate sports gear for his line of work; a baseball bat.

It's a shame but Jason Statham doesn't kill fight Brad Pitt in the movie.

Tommy "the Tit"

He's the number two to Turkish's numero uno. Like a lot of characters in this movie, yeah you guessed it; he is totaly inept and dangerously incompetant. But hey at least he has manners and isn't really too judgemental. He generally likes to ask questions and usually gets come sardonic answers in return.


Brick Top

Pretty much the most ruthless and villanous of the lot. Cross him and "cut your f*****g jacobs off". Unlike Bond villains, he happens to believe in more efficient and discrete ways of dealing with his foes. Namely cutting them up and feeding them to pigs. But he also uses dogs like any good gangster.

"I eat people like you for breakfast"...."because you know, I eat pork and I feed people to - Oh never mind!"

Mickey O'Neill

An Irish Traveller, who happens to be the champion bareknuck boxer, "which happens to make him as 'ard as a coffin nail". Like all of these gypsies, he happens to speak in an illegible accent in order to confuse his opponents. Oh and he's played by Brad Pitt.

Danny Trejo is not impressed by your tatoo work.

Tyrone/ Sol / Vinnie

Yep they're the three stooges of the movie; if they were thieves that is.

Tyrone is the endomorphic getaway driver. Vincent aka Vinnie is the slighltly more violent one. Then there is Solomon who is the most level-headed and reasonable of the group. Vinnie is known as the d**k and the other two are known as the b***s, which makes Vinnie the leader of sorts.

Hot girl just walked by.

Abraham "Cousin Avi" Denovitz

He never wanted to come to London in the first place, other than to collect the large stollen diamond. But he becomes a criminal tourist who is way out of his depth.

Doug the Head

Turkish states he is as Jewish as he is a monkey. An oddly confusing statement considering the overwhelmingly large genetic relation between the two. Either way it is all a big farce so that he can do well in the diamond trade. He's basicly the middle man who is trying to buy the diamond so that he can sell it on.

Being related to a monkey, makes you a monkey regardless.

The Tarantino connection?

Snatch is a movie that get's itself matched upagainst Pulp Fiction all the time. But just what is so similar?

Use of the the F word

Snatch: 163 times

Pulp Fiction: 265

Verdict: Snatch has some colourfull profanities at times but Pulp Fiction clearly takes the cake in terms of offensive language.

Body count

Snatch: 26

Pulp Fiction: 8

Verdict: Pulp Fiction has some iconic deaths but that's not to say that Snatch doesn't also. In the sheer sense of bodycount, this is a clear victory for Snatch however.

It's not gonna help all that much Tino. Snatch will still have the bigger death count.



  • cleaver
  • knives
  • baseball bat
  • a curved sword
  • Smith and Wesson Model 681
  • Stainless Taurus Model 85
  • Colt M1911A1
  • Heckler & Koch P7, mistaken as replicas.
  • IMI Desert Eagle Mark I
  • Mossberg 500 Cruiser
  • Franchi SPAS-12 , also known as a f******g anti-aircraft gun
  • AK-74M with a GP-30, complete with a grenade launcher.

A couple of other guns too. Sufficive to say that there are enough guns in this movie to create a well-armed militia who can take out aricrafts too.

Pulp Fiction

  • Star Model B
  • Auto Ordnance M1911A1
  • Ingram MAC-10
  • Smith & Wesson 4506 pistol
  • Remington 870 Police Magnum Riot Shotgun
  • Taurus Model 689 - .357 Magnum
  • Smith & Wesson Model 40 "Centennial" & 30 model
  • Katanna
  • Baseball bat
  • Chainsaw

So Pulp Fiction generally loses the firefight, due to older weapons. Most of which are handguns anyways. But the movie does well in the melee weapons department and it at least sets the idea of improvised weapons.

Verdict: Snatch wins due to all out more firepower and the potential for widespead destruction. With Snatch they could have shot their own Expendables, minus a lot of the sagging skin and muscle from those old action dudes.


Snatch: Russian, American, Irish and English.

Pulp Fiction: American, French and English.

Verdict: Snatch is the clear winner for getting all the right nationalities in this sordid web of international crime. From the cold, brisk Russian accent of Borris the Blade to the energetic, rogueish, unintelligible Irish accent of the Travellers. Pulp Fiction has at least some variety but it fails to find a proper place within the web. Like Tim Roth's characters speaks in a British accent and hails from Britian but that cannot be neccesarily linked to why or how he came to chose the life of crime. Using diverity to tell a story is clearly something Snatch undertstands better.

There are probably a tonne of other comparisons to be made but nonetheless both movies are still quite different in their own right. Pulp Fiction uses more homages elements but Snatch happens to generally pack in more stuff in whatever categories the two happen to share.