Kanye West

"Tha tha tha that don't kill me, will either make it on my blog or be expressed in some kind of ill-timed public outburst-stronger"

Stealing the thunder as only Kanye can.

functionality was not in mind when these were made

Just The Facts

  1. Kanye West nearly died in a car accident prior to the release of his first album, "The College Dropout" when in actuality he just broke his jaw.
  2. Kanye claimed "George Bush doesn't care about Black People" when it is actually Kanye West, who doesn't care about Black People.
  3. Kanye West is a Rapper, Producer, Singer, Fashion Designer, Blogger and Ballerina.

The Music

Quickly becoming the thing he is least known for. Kanye has had four very succesful album releases. "The College Dropout" "Late Registration" and "Graduation" found Kanye rapping while "808's and Heartbreak" found him singing through a vocal distortion. His latest album being the big middle finger to singers that can actually sing.

Kanye recently called himself the "The New King of Pop." I say why not, the old one vacated the throne a long time ago, he just came back to die on it.

The Blog

Yes it's written in all CAPS, but we could beat that dead dog all the way back to Michael Vick's house.

The point is, that similar to his music, we can't explain our obessesion with this blog. The design, format and content are all crap. Kanye's reckless use of caps lock, his total disregard for grammar, spelling and punctuation can only be topped by his love of postings that center on absurd architecture and rap video vixens.

Kanye does speak his mind on the blog and god bless the internet for that. More deranged ramblings from a celebrity constantly on the defensive. Just what we need.

The Shoes

KW louis

One has straps, one is red, and one is a sneaker, thats a loafer, thats a sneaker.

KW nike

These are expensive and not sutiable for white gentleman.

The Internship


It's summertime and that means eager college students and a rap star are in the midst of their internships. Kanye is now interning at GAP corporate in hopes of launching his own line one day.

Kanye if you fall into the GAP you come out looking like a middle-aged mother of two.

The Bottom Line

Kanye is slowly taking over the world. Even things he isn't supposed to be succesful at, i.e. singing, he's extremely succesful at. We are lucky Barak Obama beat him to the presidency, but knowing Kanye, he will become ruler of the free world. We will all be wearing loafer-sneakers and sunglasses with little horizontal slats by 2020.

The VMA Outburst - below the bottom line

You know it's bad when someones outbursts are so frequent they must be labeled by event.

Now we all know "George Bush doesn't care about black people" and that Kanye was "robbed" of [insert award here], but his latest antics at the VMA's was the coup de grace to his credibility. You'd think someone might have stopped him from walking the red carpet with a bottle of booze, but unfortunately no one can stop Kanye from getting drunk on his own ego. The outburst, which we all now know so well, began with an "Imma let you" and ended with a somber apology on Jay Leno, which seems to be the way it works these days.

Beyonce is shocked

Beyonce is shocked, Taylor Swift is speechless and Tony Danza is still the boss.

Kanye's actions are so absurdly over-the-top that the President reportedly called him a "Jackass."

Good work Mr. West.