Ever wondered what you taste like? Well stop it, freak.

Hes been acting really weird lately.

His name is josh.

Just The Facts

  1. Autocannibalism is the eating of oneself.
  2. Autocannibalism is also a type of torture.
  3. It is also referred to as self-cannibalism.

Unknowingly doing it

Believe it or not were all self cannibals. Dead cells from inside our mouths are consumed by our bodies. When people have ulcers or nose bleeds our bodies consume that too. Seriously is there nothing we dont eat? Dont answer that. Even biting and eating our fingernails is autocannibalism. But lets not forget eating hair which can cause giant hairballs IN OUR STOMACHS! Man, this auto cannnibalism is pretty wierd stuff but it leaves the realm of wierd and travels over 2 land of WTF?

On purpose

Some people actually choose to eat thier own skin for the sole purpose of body modification. Imagine seeing someone who looks like meat from mortal kombat. Other people enjoy drinking thier own blood but thats called autovampirism. There was even an artst who served his own fat to some of his best buddies. Thanks alot man. But thats not even the worst of it.

Used as torture

People forcing you to eat your own body parts is actually common! Well, at least in war. But still, imagine someone chopping off your hand frying it and serving it back to you with some nice dipping sauce. Well its actually not that good. Remember those generous spaniards who murdered all the indians in florida? They also made the eat their own testicles. Thats right. You want dinner? Its hanging in between your legs! Not only that the lovely people in Sudan forced young people to eat their own ears. Tastes kinda waxy. The most disturbing of these was a man who had his penis ampuated and then he and a friend tried to eat it but it was just too tough. Way to go! The human race has managed to climb 10 points up the "what the fuck" ladder. But hey it could be worse. Japan.