Youtube Commenters

Most youtube commenters evolved from the crap that is underneath your toenails. Their sub-human dialogue shows it.

Pictured: Commenter

Pictured: Standard Comment

Just The Facts

  1. 97.23% of youtube comments insult someones mother or sexuality
  2. 2.77% of comments correct grammer
  3. 0% are constuctive
  4. Common commenters : Grammar Nazi, Perverts, Racists, Glenn Beck, Your Mom.

Youtube Comments

YouTube, which was once supposed to be a site in which users could post interesting videos that make an impact on their lives, are now plagued with comments that add nothing to the site. If a YouTube commenter is seen outside their natural habitat, shoot on site. Expletives seem to be a common part of their communication, which can be flawed at times. If you are ever approached by one, actively ignore them and navigate to another site. If this is impossible to do, fight fire with fire. Use one idiotic comment against another. Insult their mother. call Glenn Beck. Commenters are usually defined in the 5 categories.

Grammar Nazis: Feel the need to correct every single shitty thing you say. For example, they might correct you and say "mourning wood" is not the same as "morning wood", (pssssshhh idiot! its obviously mourning.)

Perverts: People who feel the need to tell you what they would do to you in a dark room. I don't CARE what you would do to me in a dark room, unless if it deals with Call of Duty, glow sticks and lotsss of LSD.

Racists: Sees something that they can comment about racially even if the video had nothing to do with the issue. "OMG that brown cat is sooo brown if you know what i mean."

Glenn Becks: They don't seem to know they are stupid, so do not, DO NOT, provoke them. They are very dangerous in the wild and can strike at any time. Usually talk about socialism or comparing Obama to Hitler. About as bearable as smelling burning babies.

Your Mom: Just because, just because.