Journey is a band from the 70's who were ranked the 5th greatest American Rock Band in a USAToday poll, right between The Eagles and Jimmy Taps & His Forced Sodomy Quartet.

Just The Facts

  1. Journey is inexplicably still touring
  2. Famous for songs like Don't Stop Believin' and Any Way You Want It, which is like being famous for punching babies
  3. American Idol judge Randy Jackson was once a member of Journey

The Band

Though Journey has had many members over the years, 19 in total, the most famous lineup consisted of Steve Perry and 4 other greasy, hairy men.

Perry, who looks a bit like what you'd expect the child of the Joyce DeWitt from Three's Company and Robert Carlyle from Trainspotting to look like, went on to have a solo career after leaving the band, then joining the band, then leaving the band. No one cared.

wicked tied shirt, dude

For sure, Steve-O. Tying your shirt at your belly is a manly look.

Though having a career spanning several decades and having performed many songs that became huge hits, the band is most notable for being an eclectic blend of suck and awesome. Suck in that they suck, but awesome in that you will sing along with their music when you hear it because you can't not do that.