College Textbooks

College textbook costs have risen to the point where college students have trouble making ends meet. Why do new editions of 17th century history books come out every 6 months. I mean has Peter the Great even done anything in the last 6 months?

Chances are the student who bougth these books is asian.  I mean who else would be taking genetics, biostatistics, business law, and chemistry in one semester.

The best classes don't even need books.  See kids just look at his form.  You can't learn that from any book.

This is just your average college textbook accountant.

Just The Facts

  1. College textbooks are extremely expensive.
  2. New textbooks are written every year.
  3. The resale value of textbooks is terrible.
  4. Students are getting screwed for having to pay such high prices

The rising cost of education

Each and every semester college students accross the world have to open up their pocket books to shell out hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars for books that they at best are going to skim through. What college students have that kind of money just sitting around. If they do they obviously don't need to be going to college because they have figured out how to make plenty of cash already. Why should I pay 300 dollars for a book and then thousands of dollars to a professor to prove that I read it. The charade should just end professors know students hardly read the books and students pray that the professor doesn't take their tests directly from the books.

By Lowering the costs of books attendence at schools could rise as well as amount of books purchased. Students go to school not to read but to get drunk, party, meet new people, and get a higher starting salary. According to Lewis Black what really is happening is that colleges are attracting students to breed a whole new generation of buyers and sellers, pimps and whores, pimps and whores. Then sticking them into a life filled with debt and indecision.

Fucking A!

Also while you are not reading those books don't forget to ask this kid about his weiner.

The opportunity cost of college textbooks

Econimics teaches you that Opportunity cost is the cost related to the next-best choice available for purchase. This money that is spent on textbooks could be spent on something else.

Like a few more markers to finish the job. My momma didn't raise no quitter.

Like a few more markers. My momma didn't raise no quitter.

Or some new pants for this girl. Also maybe a new couch.

The money saved could also go to buying this guy another round.

If college textbooks didn't cost so much the communities that house these colleges would see more revenue going into their communities. Such as shopping malls, bars, resturants, casinos, and stripclubs. The cost of textbooks is costing businesses revenue and therefore causing them to cut employees and raise unemployment. The end result is the high cost of college textbooks is killing america.