-Under Construction- Cyborgs are part biological and part machine, making them fully badass on both sides. Some of the coolest fictional characters of all time have been cyborgs; but cyborg technology is already real, and improving constantly...

God points and shouts out

Just The Facts

  1. Cyborg are beings who have Cybernetic and Organic parts. Cyb+Org = "Cyborg".
  2. Technically this could be any machine and any living thing being combined, but we're going to mostly talk about upgraded humans.
  3. This was pretty much a fictional concept until prosthetics technology and medicine advanced far enough. Now it's real.
  4. Is that fucking awesome, or what?

From Our Imaginations...

The basic idea of a person with non-biological parts is actually quite ancient.

In the Greek myth of Tantalus, he cooked his son Pelops and served him to the Gods and Goddesses. Only Demeter took a bite of the mystery meat before they all realized it was from human. At that point, the Gods and Goddesses put all the remaining pieces of Pelops back together and brought him back to life, and had an ivory shoulder crafted to replace what had been eaten. This may have been history's first example of any kind of cyborg.

We might argue that ivory is actually an organic material; but that doesn't really change the basic idea of prosthetics.

The Rise of Science

Once science itself began to move forward, the imaginations of many writers began to turn toward exploring the interesting new possibilities this created.

The Man Who Was Used Up

Tin Woodsman


A New Archetype

Steve Austin (the 6 Million Dollar Man...not Stone Cold...)

Darth Vader

Inspector Gadget

The Terminator

Geordi LaForge

The Borg

Medical Evolution

The Transhuman Condition

What does this mean for humanity?

It's probably a pretty significant thing for people to be able to technologically adapt themselves. There's really no way that this won't be a fairly major change for humanity overall.