The Jersey Shore

So the jersey shore is no secret most people watch it even if they hate MTV? why? well just read this article and find out! And just let you know little to no research has been done in the making of this article

Mike "The Situation"

No matter how much of a raging douchebag you think mike is, he still has the best abs on the jersey shore! We all love musceley guys who think they're better than everyone else to some extent. And with abs called "the situaton" that just furthers the fact that he is in fact a musceley douchbag who thinks he's better than everyone else. No matter what we love mike that conceited asshole!


While most americans are "pale and "pastey" a direct quoe from jersey shore fans, the jersey shore kids are far from that. these kidsa re the most tanned kids on this side of the atlantic ocean or maybe anyside of that ocean. The fact that they'll get skin cancer doesn't matter because they still look better than you no matter how much you cry yourself to sleep at night thay always will. Damn this all to hell!


One of the most addicting things about jersey Shore season 1 and 2 are the fights. Like when Ronnie beat up on the boardwalk? Yeah exactly like that! Everybody loves violence and what's the best kind of violence? No holds barred street violence. At least that's the best kind to record and then post on youtube and why do we love violence....Well you have me on that one but it probably has something to do with Chuck Norris like most awesome things.

Poofs and Blowouts

There is some downright outrageous hairstyles in the world today but 2 of the most outrageous are poofs and blowouts made popular by Snooki and Pauly D. We love poofs mostly because we rarely see Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi without one. And because of countless hours of "Bump-Its" commercials but mostly because of snooki. Blowouts on the other hand are creations of only the most djing, fist-pumping guidos out there! Enter Pauly D. Now I don't know what the D stands for but its probably for something outrageously guidorific. Yeah that's a word I just made up take that society! All I know is pauly's hair isn't going anywhere because all the hair products he has in it can withstand a nuclear blast!


The final reason why you love the jersey shore whether it be the actual shore or the reality tV show is fist-pumping. I mean who doesn't like some "beating up the beat"? Because again we all love violence whether its against the air.....or the.......beat of some techno club music! So next time ur in a club and some techno music comes on start fist-pumping to show that jerk some manners!