John Cho

The only Asian actor right now defying the stereotypes and popularizing MILFs and smoking the bud

I couldn't not find Mister Cho with a MILF so I found some poor girl's image with John Cho and brand named her a MILF using ms paint because I don't have Photoshop.

You Know he Loves the weed, Sooo do I

At least the new Hikaru Sulu isn't gay.

Just The Facts

  1. He is the MILF guy in The American Pie Films, Literally named "MILF guy" in the credits
  2. The new Hikaru Sulu in the Star Trek movie that just came out.
  3. The Asian toker in Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle

The Lone Asain Who Isn't a Martial Art's Master, Or a Bad Racist Joke In American Movies

    John Cho isn't really known to the "hollywood" community as much as Linsay Lohan but at least he has more acting skills than her. Of course I am seeing his acting ability from his wonderful oscar winning performance of being an Korean American smoking the good stuff and his Cheetah riding skills with an Indian.In additon, his achieve ranks high in according to the "trusted" source of Wikipedia that he "popularized" the term MILF. 

But hey it does more for the Asian race than any other yellow person I know which includes Jackie Chan witha black dude solving some unsolvable crime. Besides most of us are all secret weed smokers and alcoholics who play Counterstrike and Starcraft like it is our dear to god job. But you white folks don't know because we hide underneath our diguise of being super smart freaks and overachievers.

That being said. John Cho here is too cool to be a math lover and instead appears in music videos such as Nas's "To Be A Nigger." You know that John Cho is some MILF loving man who loves rap music and smokes the bong while playing "Call Of Duty" with his left nut. After all he was the Heterosexual Sulu in the New Star Trek movie.