Uranium Bomb

Whole Japan though that feet fetish is sick. No one felt urge to dress up like pedobear. There was no Used Schoolgirl Panties vending machines. Suddenly- all that changed! BOOM! No one had time to scream: 'GODZILLA!' Everyone was to busy dying.

Horror, Pain and Mass Destruction are useful ingredients to make clowns. Uranium- to make bombs.

Just The Facts

  1. Alamogordo, New Mexico, July 16, 1945: The first successful test of an atomic bomb. Codename- The Gadget.
  2. Japan, Hiroshima. Monday, August 6, 1945: First nucklear weapon- Uranium based bomb named Little Boy- used in war.
  3. Japan, Nagasaki. Thursday, August 9, 1945: Second and last nucklear weapon, Fat Man, used in war.
  4. Nukes and penises share common nicknames.
  5. Penises can't kill 170 000- 246 000 people in flash, with flame burns and radiation.
  6. Male inner Obama voice (Penis) says: 'Oh, Yes! I can!' But only if the proud penis owner wishes upon falling star, while having an orgy with all the females who have said no to him in past.

Toxic mushroom clouds: The beginning

Big Bad Nazis was working really, realty hard to develop nuclear energy. In 1938 the discovery of nuclear fission was made, which gave Nazis badass wet dreams about making something similar to The Lost Ark of the Covenant. Probably with the same killing techniques as seen in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Americans was jealous (If you can take it: instead of 'jealous' put 'in fear')
In late 1939 Albert Einstein <a href="http://inventors.about.com/library/inventors/bl_einstein_letter.htm" rel="nofollow" >wrote</a> to President Roosevelt. Real-life equivalent of Dr. Emmett Brown told Roosevelt that Nazis are trying to do something, so that afterwards they would be able to do something different, which would lead to something abstruse, which would result in atomic bomb, which will result in mind blowing Boom!
Presidents are different from us average mates and disaster movie presidents.
They trust guys who predict apocalypse and look like this
So Roosevelt put his trust in Einstein and made his little elf scientists' work in Advisory Committee on Uranium. Step by step, day by day and The Manhattan Project was born. And so the epic race to develop atomic weapons began.
The Manhattan Project
The Manhattan Project

Toxic mushroom clouds: The Manhattan project

Little elf scientists worked six long years to make The Gadget a.k.a. the atomic bomb. We can imagine the hard work they did. Lets see 30 second long mental movie with our spirit eyes. Soundtrack: Survivor - eye of the tiger.

Robert Oppenheimer (Chief of The Manhattan Project) looks tired, nothing seams to work. He smokes pipes and spends long lonely hours in cold, dark laboratories. Occasionally Dee Dee comes and pushes some buttons to sabotage his hard work. But Robert is strong wiled man, he dose not know meaning of giving up (this type of thinking make good scientists, sore losers and fanatical rapists, and ex-boyfriends who just can not take a hint). Somebody in his team starts crying and somebody lost trust in mighty atom. One punch in face and trust in atom has been restored. Finally The Gadget is finished. Robert gives free bear hugs and starts jumping around like kangaroo with diarrhea.

It came down to most interesting part- testing bomb and watching it explode. That morning, at Trinity site, there was only one thought in Oppenhaimers head


Test was successful.
The mushroom cloud of radioactive vapor materialized at 30,000 feet. Beneath the cloud, all that remained of the soil at the blast site were fragments of green radioactive glass created by the heat of the reaction. Explosion was epic. Even blind girl
<a href="http://www.snopes.com/science/atombomb.asp" rel="nofollow" >saw</a> the flash. <a href="http://inventors.about.com/od/ostartinventors/p/Oppenheimer.htm" rel="nofollow" >After the test Oppenheimer said" 'Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds'</a>


Before he became The Destroyer of worlds

After he became The Destroyer of the worlds

Toxic mushroom clouds:The racism and bomb nicknames

Little Boy, bomb dropped on Hiroshima

Japanise solder



Fat man: Bomb dropped on Nagasaki.


Toxic mushroom clouds:Pokemons! gotta Kill them all!

America ware tired from war, and really, really pissed about Pearl Harbor. So the first atomic bomb was used in warfare against Japan. A uranium bomb, weighing four and a half tons was dropped on Hiroshima. 66 000 people died in flash, and 69 000 were injured. Everyone who died had dreams, aspirations and loved ones. Everyone who got crippled was somebody's son, daughter, wife... relative. Even ninjas can't survive 10 kiloton atomic explosions. Some people, even children, were vaporized and instead of shadow warriors became <a href="http://www.gensuikin.org/english/photo.html" rel="nofollow" >real shadows </a>.

Uranium bomb and Japan was still in war? Ok. So USA decided to test plutonium bomb in real warfare and dropped bomb called "Fat Man" on Nagasaki. And again everyone who died had dreams, aspirations and loved ones.
On August 14, 1945 Japan announced its capitulation. United States started to invest in Japans infrastructure and Japan became what it is today. And so the saying "WTF!!! Oh, It's from Japan' was born - sometimes 'sorry ', indeed, is the hardest word.