Welcome to Afghanistan! It's lovely balmy day here in Kabul, please set your watches back seven hundred years.)

Happy birthday kids! You only turn twelve once! Now, why aren't we winning this war in Afghanistan?

Just The Facts

  1. Afghanistan is a poor central Asian country, sandwiched between poor central Asian countries.
  2. It is pretty dry and dusty for a sandwich filling.
  3. Afghans have been at war pretty much uninterrupted, on their own soil, for the past two thousand years.

Modern Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a rapper's wet dream. While the rest of us have been happy to lyrically style a land of Drugs, Guns, Bitches and Booze, Afghanistan has been living the dream.


Drugs! The world's breadbasket. Of heroin.


"I hope Abdullah likes the centrepiece for his wedding!"

Bitches! Well, erm, we're working on this one, I promise.

Ah, no, this one is actually completely prohibited.