Transgender Cartoons

Transgender, People and Cartoons, are like anybody else, they just were born (or drawn) in the wrong body.

In Which Side would you like to be?

The Main differences between...

Just The Facts

  1. Cartoon=Fun, Transgender=Fun, Transgender Cartoons=Fun Cubed (So funny that Math can't explain)
  2. Cross-Dressing is NOT the same as Transgenderism (But still a lot of fun!)
  3. A man dressed up like a girl is funny, an animal dressed up like one is f*****g hilarious
  4. Falling into clothes (or a closet) will make you look like your mother (even if there's only men clothes)
  5. No one can tell you how to live your life (Unless You're a Serial Killer)

What does every Cartoon with more than one season has in common?

Well, besides the anthropomorphic animals and hidden mental diseases, all of the have some kind of cross-dressing episode(s), in which a character (mostly male) dresses itself as an oppose sex member, in order to get lots of laughs.

From SpongeBob to Bugs Bunny (In more than 12 different occasions), We have a long, loooong, list of cross-dressed characters (even if it was only because they fell into the dirty laundry).

We are everywhere

Even if there are more cross-dressing-moments than episodes of Dr Who, there's still not a lot of Space for Transgender people into society or TV right now, so, why would it be any different for cartoons? Cause, let's face it, the main barrier is some people, and their morals, who things that some (great) people are evil just because they are different, as they try to protect their moral and family values (which by the way are forgiveness, tolerance and respect),even if it means to destroy someone's life.

You know, that's how God intended

Even with all that, sometimes the cartoonish makes a mistake (or didn't they?) and their characters cross-dresses the line; it's just a matter of time until no one thinks something (or someone) is bad, hideous and immoral just because, while we wait, we can at least be satisfied with some characters which (at least) make us wonder if indeed we have not overcome this barrier...

Or do you think I'm Hideous?

Like with some that, even our grandpas, know, we all know, Nermal, the cute little cat in Garfield's World, and one of the top three things that annoy him (the other two are getting his food late and slim fast), but a lot of people doesn't know that the self proclaimed "world's cutest kitten" is (despite the big eyelashes) actually male, even if he has had more plastic surgery than Heidi Montag, nothing weird about that?

Wait, What???...

Yes, the cute little kitten has had a really big Plastic Surgery as he himself said on May 27, 2008

Nermal's dirty little Secret

Maybe some of the work was down there, considering the situation and the fact that Nermal looks really feminine and acts female-like, he could have a Sex reassignment surgery (The only thing real on him is an eyelash, so he might change more than we can see), he even could changed himself to look more like a Pussycat doll.

He even Tried to convince Garfiel to do the same...

But America is not the only place to have these, beloved, characters, as every scholar who didn't waist their time in, you know, girls and stuff (or Guys is you're reading this article) could tell you, Anime is full of androgynous characters (Forced-by-law, next to the ones that make illegal not-to-transform everything into gigantic robots and make woman look like half their weight is on their bra), with the amount of anime and manga (and other stuff...) there are, there's a lot to choose from and a few characters that broke the gender barrier:

I have the bigger Boobs, Bitch!

First, the(probably) least known one Miyuki (Yu Yu Hakusho), a male demon member of The Triad. He/she wants to be a male, and have a sex change operation, dessees Female-like, Bingo!, The first official transgender cartoon on the list...

Do you wanna see my other Horn?

Then we have Ranma (½). As a result of an accident during a training journey, he is cursed to change his gender according to the temperature of the water, Ok not really a transexual, cause he doesn't have control over his own changes, but you have to admit there's certain undertone there.

Another one is Emporio Ivankov (One Piece) Not only he can change the hormones of himself, and everybody he has contact with, he is also the "Queen" of an entire Drag Queens kingdom (Thailand?), I'm pretty sure many drunken pirates have woken up there the next morning, with some kind of "surprise" on their cabins.

They even have their own Boy Whatever Band

But even better that he/she and her queerdom, are most-known character, that every 21 century kid, who wasn't amish, can tell you about, from the same franchise that bring us the Pikachu with the 7-feet Vagina, Team Rocket , those weird guys with the extreme obsession with stealing Pikachu (the one without a visible vagina), but the two human ones are actually kind of switched, Jesse and her bossy-pants, and James, the whiny bitch, but woman can be strong and men can be pussies sensitive, totally normal, but there's also the thing that they very often cross-dressed themselves (Why is it that all their plans include this?) putting Jessie in Man's outfits and James in something your sister could wear (including his signature Rose), this is better seen in the early seasons, and slowly erased, so that really puts things on perspective...

Doesn't it?

Wasn't that interesting? What? It wasn´t? Ok Returning to TransAmerica we have still some cartoons to go...

But moving on to weirder characters, I'm talking about Mr/Mrs. Garrison, Ok South Park it's not a "children's show" but it still a cartoon (even if you say one Four-Letter-Word every five letters) this is one of the most complex character's of the South Park universe, beating Eric Cartman and Mr. Slave in bein weird (But who isn't in South Park?) , He first is a closeted gay man, but after embracing his homosexuality, still with several more issues, after a while in Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina he gets a vaginoplasty (even if he doesn't even know what he is doing, like when he teaches...) to become a ugly woman, She tries to prevent gay marriage after knowing that her ex-boyfriend planes to get married, then she becomes a lesbian, and in the later seasons he underwent surgery again (Being a woman is not as good as being a Men) and became, once again, Mr. Garrison.(Only Time will tell if it remains this way)

Stop torturing him,

He just wants to look like me

In Dante's Hell the Devil has a three faces (or three heads, ask someone who reads), I really hope this are them, first of all (The south park one), Satan, The King of Darkness, to be fair he is only gay (being boyfriend of an old demon, Sadam Husein and a guy named Chris) he only cross-dressed like a Sweet 16 rich-spoiled-angry-little-bitch for his Halloween party.

The Badass Girls Guys

And if your childhood is not ruined yet, you should skip the next part ...Have you seen the Cow and Chicken A show about a cow and a chicken (?) son and daugther of a hal-father and a half-mother, just the important half, and their probabbly-induced-by-methanphetamine adventures. Well, the main antagonist the Red Guy, and the self-proclaimed King and Queen of Cheese, that cross-dresses in several episodes, he does this more usually as part of his plans (Or even for his day-to-day), oftenly tries to "seduce" other characters (male and female) and is obsessed with his ass (but wouldn´t you if you had those meaty-red cheeks?), but for Cartoon Network, the same channel that brought us Adult Swim, one's not enough so they also had Him, the enemy of the three colorful-little-exploited-kids created for unkown reasons (He wants to create the perfect little girl, What did he wanted her to do? and Why in hell did she had to be so perfect?), the guy who every other villain called bass is, first of all, kind of effeminate and he is always using make up, he uses black lipstick, blush on the chicks (Maybe a Red idea), eye mascara for those gorgeous eyelashes and a red jacket with a skirt (The pink tulle should've been a hint) , plus boots that I swear I've only seen on prostitutes, and some hollywood celebrities (which are essentially the same), separate it could seem not a big deal, but when you add aerobic exercise and a high-pitched falsetto voice It really leaves you thinking...

I am the demon after all

But Cartoon Network is not the only channel to have those kind of characters, even in those white-republican-party-channels there are some "interesting Things", about some of Mickey's Friends with Bennefits, In Disney's Side we have from Lilo & Stitch, Pleakley, this "according to Disney" is because he misunderstand the female-masculine role, but it seems like he really enjoys his mistake and doesn't want to correct it, wearing dresses (he even uses them inside the house were nobody else could see him) and those ridiculous wigs, this reach the point when in the TV show, he has to fake a wedding so his parents don't realize that he's single (or that Jumba is his partner) and other stuff, if that's not enough, at the end of the episode they end up accepting his son for who he is, the first Disney coming out since Ryan (Everybody knew HSM was gay), and even when his mother ask him to wear men's clothes more often, he lies about doing it; he also is sad when Men doesn't find him attractive, so maybe Disney is (finally)doing some advances.

Another Weird Fetish?

And if you think all of this characters are old or in shows only-suitable-for-adults, Well let me tell you, you're wrong, our sons, daughters and nephews are probably watching one right now, have you seen the Barnyard?, that Nickelodeon movie and TV show, yes it got a show, about the life in a farm, pretty normal, Isn't it?, wee, have you notice that the main character, Otis, is a male cow, how in hell does that happens? A genetic mutation? A government experiment? Or something else? Well, whatever the reason is that he is a male in almost every sense, except for the obvious thing that he can give milk and everyone call him Cow, we just have another case of a bull in a cow's body...(that's actually pretty normal in the barnyard film and the show)

Do you realize we both have Udders?

But that's not the only recently animated character, in a most-known franchise Shrek there's a regular character, Doris, a masculine-looking female that works in the poisoned apple (the kind of place you find hookers at 7 pm), and eventually becomes one of Fiona's closest friends, she also happens to wear a lot of make up, and uses long purple clothes, on the top of that it's his her deep male voice, an strong independent woman that also has a crush on Charming, she's all men...

I'm still the prettiest sister...

So in the End it's not Just what you have outside that matters, is what you're feeling inside and the fact that if you let it out everyone would be happier, we'll wait to see the next generatios of cross-dressed-action-shemale-cartoons and be thankful that even if you're watchng sesame street chances are you'll see a guy wearing woman's underwear clothing (We Already have Elmo).