The Brat Pack

The Brat Pack was a group of young actors in the 80s who often appeared in coming of age films together.. something something white... something something middle class. Also, angst.

Beautiful and talented.

... mostly.

Just The Facts

  1. The original Brat Pack consisted of Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy, Demi Moore, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy.
  2. Despite what Hollywood says, those are the real Brat Packers.
  3. Don't even doubt it.
  4. Seriously.

Emilio Estevez

He was born in 1962 and--

Emilio Estevez has been in a lot of movies. A lot of bad movies-- with some good ones thrown in. This has nothing to do with his ability as an actor, because he is a good actor. And a director. And and author and poet.
Wow. This man has skills. I bet he can even write poems and act-- AT THE SAME TIME!
He has two kids, Taylor and Paloma with his ex Girlfriend-- who is a model.
He was also married to Paula Abdul at one point.
There's no doubt he's talented and possibly quite rich, the only thing I question is his judgement on occasion.

Anthony Michael Hall

Known as a lovable geek because of the three films he starred in with that role. OUCH. TYPECASSSSST.

80s 'nerd-of-choice'

"Obviously Anthony Michael Hall was a favourite of John Hughes because he starred in The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles and Weird Science, which all shaped his early career.
Anthony Michael Hall was born in West Roxbury, a neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts. He is the only child of blues-jazz singer Mercedes Hall's first marriage. She divorced Hall's father, Larry, an auto-body-shop owner,[2] when their son was six months old.[3] When Hall was three, he and his mother relocated to the West Coast where she found work as a featured singer.[4] After a year and a half, they returned to the East, eventually moving to New York City, where Hall grew up.[3][4] Hall's ancestry is Irish and Italian,[5] and he is a Roman Catholic.[6] He has one half-sister, Mary Chestaro, from his mother's second marriage to Thomas Chestaro, a show business manager. His half-sister is pursuing a career as a singer under the name of Mary C.[4] Hall uses the name Michael, rather than Anthony or Anthony Michael. He transposed his first and middle names when he entered show business because another actor named Michael Hall was already a member of the Screen Actors Guild. " -- Wikipedia

Wow, just wow. The stars all seem so normal when you look at it this way-- except for all the things after this, like performing school and becoming famous.

Rob Lowe

Is it bad that I cringe when I see him on screen? It's the sex tape scandal-- I know it happened in 1988, but seriously. The one girl was 16. You read that correctly. One of the girls in his sex tape was SIXTEEN flipping years old.
Too old.
I'll admit, he is a good actor despite being a nympho and a diva. He also has this face he does. It gives me the bad sort of chills.
Have you ever seen a rapey-er rapeface?


Andrew McCarthy

Doesn't he look sincere and kind?
He kind of reminds me of a nice ferret who doesn't bite or stink-- I mean even if he had an alcohol problem and needed to go to rehab he would still seem lovab-- WHAT? He did? Oh well.

Even though he's middle aged now, he still has that adorable "plz love me" face going on.

"plz love me.."

Now how on earth can you resist?

Demi Moore

Squinty-eyed and hook-nosed, she is the only woman who can have these horrible, unfortunate features and still have people fapping over her image. What's worse? She used to be cross-eyed. If your intimate area didn't just shrivel up in silent horror at this mental image then you are warped. She's also a bit saggy. Well duh, she's like 47.
"mmm, mmm good!"

Judd Nelson

I bet there are so many games you could play with those nostrils.

Okay, so he was definitely a BAMF in The Breakfast Club. Now he's fifty. How is that even related? It's not. I'm merely stating facts. If the picture on the right is any indicator, it apears like he's prematurely senile-- or just eccentric, as rich people can afford to be.
Uh, he's Jewish-American, if that wasn't quite obvious.

Molly Ringwald

She acts, she sings, she dances-- she is the whole damn show package-- The only thing arguably wrong with her is her name. I don't get it. I know you don't get it. You obviously haven't slipped up and called her Molly Ringworm, then.
But seriously, she's cute, charismic and her performances are oh, so believable.

the typical 80s girl?

Your movie watching life is limp and pale if you haven't seen Molly Ringwormwald.

Ally Sheedy

D'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW. Lookit her little face. If that isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen... It is.
Ally Sheedy's name is Alexandra Sheedy.

Mare Winningham

"Who the hell is that!? YOU DIDN'T MENTION HER."

I know I didn't. She was in St. Elmo's fire.

"She died in a fire?"

No. It's a movie.

"You didn't mention that, either."

I know I didn't. I'm lazy.


This is her.

"She's pretty Average."

I'm aware.