Jimi Hendrix

If you havent heard of who Jimi Hendrix is by now chances are you have been living in a hole your whole life.))

Your just jelous you cant pull the hat off

Just The Facts

  1. Jimi Hendrix is known by many as the greatest fucking guitarist in rock history.
  2. He recorded and sold 46 tracks in 4 short years.
  3. Even though Jimi died on September 18, 1970 he has influenced many guitarists like Slash, Les Claypool, Eddie Van Halen, Hillel Slovak, and Stevie Ray Vaughn.
  4. Jimi called Seattle home
  5. His tolerance for drugs was on par with Cuck Norris

Was that a fucking machine gun?

Not only did Hendrix make you shit your pants from his raw talent but he would also shove it in your face by renovating the stylings of the guitar. His sound effects, high gain, and loud volume is what distinguished the "experienced" sound from that of the monkeys (want to be beatles bitches).

Jimi had many different styles of playing and also very different sound effects to warp his many styles of playing.

Hendrix also was nearly addicted to the studio as he was to drugs. This caused him to push the limits of the day to new hights and forever got him the rep "Jimi is god"

Did he just...no...OH SHIT!!!

Jimi Hendrix was known for his stage presence because of his many antics which ranged from playing guitar with his teeth, smashing guitars and even setting them on fire. Allso warming personality (but that was just so he could not look like an asshole when he distroied a $1000 strat for the hell of it). Unfortunatly he was boo'd off stage his last couple of performances because he wasn't being crazy enough. Ungrateful bitches.