Safeway is a place where people come to buy groceries and hope comes to die.

Within the next year, 2 of these people will have put bullets in their brains.

Just The Facts

  1. Safeway is a grocery chain with locations all over the US.
  2. There is possibly a difference between Safeway, Giant, Shoppers, and Genuardi's, but nobody knows what it is.
  3. Every 15 seconds, somebody employed at a Safeway wishes they went to college.


Safeway likes to pretend it is a positive, socially and ethically conscious, equal opportunity employer, but that is simply not true. Yes, it does employ approx. 90% of America's mentally/socially retarded, but some scrutiny should be given to its' methods, since most employees are perfectly healthy, normal Americans when they start work.

It is easy to call Safeway a greedy, money-obsessed evil empire, but the truth is that they only wish this was the case.

"Sorry, we're not doing a special on lentils anymore."

In fact, Safeway has posted losses in the hundreds of thousands of dollars every year [citation needed but will not be found because this is a lie], due to a coupling of the following facts:

1: Customers never pay full price for anything.

2: Employees hate it so much that they committ workplace theft regardless of whether or not they want what they are taking.

Executive VP Larree Renda, sticking it to the Man

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