Nick From Left 4 Dead 2

In the game Left 4 Dead 2, the con man Nick becomes the witty one in a team of 4 zombie killers.

Not pictured: Cocaine, Strippers

Just The Facts

  1. Nick is a smartass and a douchebag, and would most likely leave you to die in a zombie apocalypse.
  2. Despite all this, you still like him more than Rochelle.
  3. This topic page exists because somebody took Left 4 Dead 2.


Nick used to be a con man. Now he shoots zombies for a living. Not a bad promotion, if you think about it. From in-game dialogue, it can be deduced that:

-Nick is a douche

-Nick used to be a bouncer

-Nick is a convicted felon

-Nick is a douche

-Nick is surprised that Ellis made it this far.

Relationship With Other Survivors

Rochelle: Nick likes Rochelle a little bit more than the other survivors, spawning thousands of forum posts about how a love connection might exist.

Coach: Nick likes Coach like Francis likes Bill

Ellis: Nick is not that fond of Ellis, but seems to express genuine anguish upon seeing him dead. Except when he says that he was surprised that he made it this far.

Before the Passing was released, it was theorized that Nick's ring was the same symbol as one of Francis' tattoos, meaning they could possibly know each other. However, Nick is just as much a dick to Francis as he is to everyone else, meaning that if they were in the same gang, they did not know it.