Jim Carrey

The epic story of a man who is both a cheese-ball actor that made millions with talking ass-cheeks AND a master thespian who portrays combating one's own memories, living in a futuristic reality show and obsessively fixing Matthew Broderick's cable!

Jim Carrey's first attempt to destroy comedy as we know it.

Jim Carrey's SECOND attempt to destroy comedy. Fails by actually being funny.

Jim Carrey, the same guy who starred in the aforementioned movies, bangs Jenny McCarthy. Daily. Who sucks now?

Just The Facts

  1. Jim Carrey was the ONLY white-guy on "In-Living Color"
  2. Only actor funny enough to do comedy AND talented enough to do drama. Sorry, Robin Williams =(
  3. He bangs Jenny McCarthy. That's it...what more do you want?


Jim Carrey has the comedic batting average of a minor league baseball player. In the Special Olympics. After having merged with the paraolympics. AND the quadraolympics. So, to sum it all up, Jim Carrey has made a high volume of utterly unwatchable movies compared to watchable. However, those that are watchable are considered by many to be comedic masterpieces: "Dumb & Dumber"; "The Cable Guy"; and, of course...Okay, there aren't really any others BUT he had some funny characters as the token white guy on "In-Living Color."

In Jim Carrey's defense, however, he is actually a very talented comedian who chose to make millions of dollars starring in poorly conceived slap-stick comedies (which were written for, and marketed to, 11-year-old boys) over low-paying yet expertly crafted comedic cinema. Do you die-hard Jim Carrey fans (all 12 of you) need proof? How about "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective". Or "The Mask." Or "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls." Or "Liar Liar." The list goes on and on. And on.

Comedy for the comedically-imapaired

I would also add "Yes man" and "Fun with Dick and Jane," to the list, but to be honest, they were so terribly unfunny that I find it hard to believe that anyone ever meant for them to be listed as actual "comedies". I believe they are currently listed under the "comedy for people without a sense of humor and/or are easily offended" alongside such classics as "Doctor Dolittle," "Everything starring Vince Vaughn," and anything else deemed as being"Family Friendly (i.e. boooring)". Oh, and don't forget to add "Bruce Almighty," or as I like to call it, "Bruce the Almighty Dissapointment: How to piss off both Christian and Secular viewers simultaneously."

More controversially is his film "Me Myself and Irene," in which Jim Carrey attempted to star in a grown-up dark-comedy involving multiple personalities. Unfortunately, the two personalities were merely grown-up, darker versions of his roles in "Ace Ventura" and "The Mask." Having failed to create another successful comedy, Jim Carrey turned his sights on acting. SERIOUS acting. Not quite Heathe Ledger bat-shit crazy "Why so serious" acting, but more like "I'm a light-hearted guy but I'm also very sensitive, which makes me kind of a pussy" acting.


Though few people consider "Batman Forever" to be an actual movie, let alone a "drama," Jim Carrey has played in a number of critically acclaimed flims. Examples of his acting prowess can be seen in films such as "The Truman Show," "Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," and more notably his role as Andy Kaufman in "Man on the Moon." Fortunatley for you, the viewer, he has only made very few aweful dramas. In fact, excluding those annoying family films such as "The Grinch" I can't really think of an aweful drama on his part. For such a prominent actor, it seems, he hasn't made much more than 18 so-called "big" films, most of which I've already mentioned. He's very selective for an actor who not only could star in any film he wants, but also starred in much of the aweful cinema previously mentioned throughout this article.

...That's about it

There isn't much else to Jim Carrey, other than the fact this fact: of the few movies he DOES decide to do, a majority of them are just plain aweful. On the bright side, he isn't like Samuel L. Jackson who stars in just about EVERY SINGLE EVER MADE. C'mon. "Snakes on a Plane." The same guy who was the main character in "Pulp Fiction" allows himself to be eaten by a cartoon shark in "Deep Blue Sea." WTF! At least Jim Carrey has the self-respect to do shitty movies every-now-and-then instead of every-fucking-day!