Ever since the word "problems" was spoken therapists have been around to always ask the bs question "how does that make you feel?"

The real world of charlie brown

Just The Facts

  1. Were first established for people who were really lonely. But later evolved for people who pretended to have problems but really they are just seeking attention
  2. Some even have their own shows but the co0ntent and the stories are usually along the lines of whose the daddy
  3. Sometimes take a leep and offers therapy to more than one person!!!! Or as us "sane" people call it a group if friends

Dr. Phill

Are you fucking serious? This guy as millions of hits (usually consisting of lonely women at least forty years old). You would think that people would tired "she cheated him" or "he cheated n her" or "they raped that" but of course not. His he gay? We'd like to think so. Come on!! No striaight bald guy gets that many women to even consider thinking about writing hello on a piece of scrap paper. How do I know? Because I'm a women, we know these things.

The truth


I will admit, this show��IS FUCKING HALIROUS! Yes the topics are always the same: "whos the daddy?" and "is it a tranny?" and young children can learn 5 new curses within 30 seconds. While Maury makes millions we laugh our asses off while the confused-mental-challenge-who-should-really-see-a-therapist audience tries guess if the "she" is really a she. You would think her Peter would pop up from the dress. Our founding fathers would be so proud.

oh the irony