Released in 2007, it has since become a sort of culture icon in the ways of casual gaming, making PopCap one of the biggest game sellers alongside such hits as Bejeweled and Plants Vs. Zombies.

A concept so simple, yet you can't turn away!

Just The Facts

  1. Peggle was originally released for PC gaming in 2007, but has since moved on to other consoles, including XBox Live, Playstation Network and the Nintendo DS.
  2. It has sold almost 50 mmillion copies worldwide, nearing that of the companies flagship game, Bejeweled.
  3. The basic premise of the game is using a ball to delete pegs on a scattered board. Clear all of the orange on a level to continue on.

Peggle Introduction

A hit computer game and all around family favorite, Peggle has a simple concept and an even simpler following. Simply fire a ball at some pegs to clear them. Clear all the Orange ones to continue on. As you progress through the game, you gain more "Teachers," each of which will give you a different power-up once a specific peg is hit.

Simple concept, right? Then how the hell has it become so popular?!? Here's Five simple reasons!

#5: Cute and furry animals attract kids.

Let's face it, if you're young, you're bound to watch or play something that has to deal with cute and furry animals. And when you get older, you still have Happy Tree Friends and the Newgrounds hit Retarded Animal Babies to fall back on.

So mortifyingly cute I can't look away!

For whatever reason science has yet to explain, children at younger ages have a desire to watch something with large eyes, bushy tails, and the occasional perverted joke that only the parents will get and pray their kids don't. With animators and movie makers alike always trying to get people to watch their 'masterpieces,' they want to try and attract as big a crowd as they can. And what are some of the biggest demographics?

Adults seeking thrills? Teenage girls with obsessions over fictional vampire wannabes? Children who see a talking squirrel and instantly beg their parents to see whatever it is? Bingo.

Do I even gotta say anything about it?!?

What Peggle does a bit different, however, is that their animals are supposedly trying to teach you something! From the very beginning, you sign up for The Peggle Institute, and 'train' under the big eyed Peggle Masters that live there. They teach you 'skills' that will get you through your teachings, when really you're burning away precious brain cells, sometimes in the middle of class, learning how to fire at a bunch of colors.

"Can I ask the Magical Unicorn on my phone for the answer? He helps me a lot!"

There is also a wide arrangment of animals, as well as a few non animal characters, along the way. For instance, one of the animal examples is Warren, the magicains Rabbit, whose special power allows for you to spin a wheel to gain some power-up thing. Meanwhile, a bit before you meet Warren, you are introduced to Splork, an alien from another world whose power-up activates upon impact, causing a large number of nearby pegs to be activated.

His beedy little eye says he's up to something...I just know it!

#4: Addictive and Engrossing gameplay

As explained about four times already, this game is simple. Right down to the bone marrow simple. So simple that a monkey could play it from a cell phone he took off some chinese girl on one of their field trips to the zoo.

Well I'll be know what? Forget it. Stupid pun. Just continue on.

It's hard to believe that such a simple concept could be so fun, right? Wrong. Just look at websites like They specialize in finding simple flash games and distributing them to the masses (You) so that everytime you click one of their links to play that puzzle game you can't just figure out for the 500th time, they get money. Peggle is similar, only you actually have to buy this game to play it, instead of just feed money you don't even really have at the moment to someone you'll probably never meet.

Where it differs, however, is when you take into account the fact that this is an actual, full game! No matter what way you look at it, this simple little thing (hitting pegs with a ball in order to get a fake degree that looks horrible on a resume) is a game. It pulls you in, makes you want to play more, and for numerous reasons why.

This game is Hot.

For one, people love repetition, no matter what they say. That's why Hypnosis works so well. Simply repeating an action over and over again is entertaining, which is also why Sports are so popular, like Baseball (Hit the ball, run around the bases, repeat).

It also, which brings us to reason number 3 on our five numebr list...

#3: Peggle was released by PopCap Games

Yes, the people behind Insaniquarium and Plants Vs Zomibes, as well as a number of other online games you'll find kids playing in the middle of a class that has anything to do with computers. Sicne their first release, Bejeweled, PopCap has developed games with simpele ideas, and even more simple actions. Each of teh games has a cartoony style to it, making it all the more attractive to 5-11 year olds who aren't ready to play World of Warcraft in their parents eyes.

"Why don't you play this game isntead, Billy? It has animals in it!"

All of that aside, the games that PopCap releases are all based around one simple sconcept, repetition. Whether it be protectign your home from an onslaught of zombies, pushing gems together to make them explode, or feeding (and no doubt killing) numerous fish in a virtual aquarium. Many of the games are similar, including that of Bejewled and another one of thier lesser titles, Big Money. Simple push similar shapes and/or colors together to make them disappear. Clear enough to advacne to the next level.

Just wait. The next level introduces the Nuke symbol.

Each of their games aso include a Mascot, if you will. Every Mascot helps you trhough the game, explaining what repetitive task you'll have to undergo:

Some are cute and cuddly...

...Some are war hungry madmen bent on destroying everything in sight...

...And others still have no body to display for you, amking them either a ghost, God himself, or some guy sitting in the office at PopCap headquarters who's too lazy to think of a character for the game.

#2: They have released multiple versions of the game

Since the release of Peggle on PC, they have released numerous other versions and even a sequel, making it one of the most expanded games PopCap has released.

Peggle: World of Warcraft Edition

The World of Warcraft edition of Peggel was released in 2009 after PopCap made a deal with Blizzard. They had originally sold an add-on of Peggle with WoW, but after a few months, released a free downloadable version based around the art of World of Warcraft. You still play with the same characters as in Peggle, but the scenarios are changed, and new stages are available. Unfortunately, you can't watch Bjorn, the Unicorn you meet at the very beginning, duke it out with an Orc in bloody combat. Shame.

Peggle Extreme

Peggle Extreme is another free download of Peggle (Through Steam), also with a twist. Instead of simply fighting off Orcs, you have to deal with the onslaught of Valve characters. Backgrounds have been devoted to games like Half Life 2, Team Fortress 2 and Portal, and the main characters are all there again. During the Sotyr mode, however, you only have access to Bjorn's ability, which is 'Super Guide'.

Also, unlike the World of Warcraft edition, you actually get to see violence and blood! Here's a few examples.

Nom Nom Nom Nom...Nom

Peggle Nights

Peggle Nights, released in a year after the first, is basically the exact same game as the first. The only difference? It has a bit more options for points, including wall bounces, and is set in a night theme. Eat your hearts out with this one, folks. Personally, I just turn down the brightness on my computer, play the first one, and I get the exact same result.

But hey, don't take my word for it:


#1: It's Simple.

Did you honestly think this one wouldn't be one of the five? Yes, this game is simple. It's only been mentioned about seven times in this entire topic. Kids can play it, and they get the sense of destructon that all kids yern for, thanks to Micheal Bay and the United States Government. Adults can play it when their TPS reports re due, or when they want to drown out teh kids what a slight sense of violence and action that Sylvester Stallone movies and Cocaine gives off.

Extreme! Like Crack!

No matter how you slice it, Peggle has infultrated our minds, and in some people, our hearts. There is no dobut that it will be around for a while still to come, so you had better get used to the idea.