Repairman Jack

Sometimes a person needs help: help that can’t be provided through official means. Help that comes from outside “the system.” Do you have a problem that needs that kind of help?

Just The Facts

  1. Repairman Jack is a character created by writer F. Paul Wilson.
  2. There are thirteen RJ novels, two teen RJ novels, and several novels in which Jack plays a supporting role. There are plans for two more novels, another teen novel, and a movie.
  3. Jack kicks ass.

Who is Repairman Jack?

Ever get the feeling that there's something suspicious going on behind the scenes? Do you find yourself believing every conspiracy theory that comes along? Do you imagine sinister forces at work in the world around you? Well, that just means you're paranoid, you jackwagon.

However, in the world of Repairman Jack, that's standard operating procedure. Because Jack has seen the Secret History of the World. And he finds himself being sucked into it.

It didn't start that way. Originally, he just contracted with people to solve problems--problems that couldn't be solved through official means. (Retrieving blackmail photos, finding a kidnapped loved one, trying to figure out why some people find Dane Cook funny.) To accomplish this, he had to remove himself from society. He has an apartment, but no land line, no social security number, and his car is registered to a deceased criminal. With his networking skills, he is able to solve virtually any problem you bring to him. (For a cash fee, of course.)

It turns out that his success is due to more than his hard work, though. He receives help from the Ally.

Behind the Curtain

Two great forces battle for control of the Universe: the Ally and the Otherness. The Otherness feeds off of suffering and destruction. The Ally likes ponies and flowers. So it's a battle between evil and not so evil. And the Ally has chosen Jack to be its warrior.

The warrior for the Otherness? A bad ass named Rasalom.

Two parts evil, one part bad special effects.

For years, Rasalom was kept in check by the Ally's chosen soldier Glaeken. But after defeating Rasalom, Glaeken's skills were no longer needed. And so he grew old. But alas, Rasalom was not dead. (Didn't see that coming, did you?) Once again, he lurked the Earth, plotting his evil shit.

Artist Jack Chick's attempt to warn the world of Rasalom's Evil.

With Glaeken growing old, someone was needed to replace him. And that's where Jack comes in.

FAQ regarding Repairman Jack

Who would win in a fight, Godzilla or Jack? (submitted by Forkboy Von Forkboy)
Repairman Jack

What about King Kong vs. Jack? (submitted by D. W. Lovelace)
Repairman Jack

King Kong vs. Godzilla? (submitted by Tomoyuki)
Repairman Jack

Where does Jack live? (submitted by Mrs. Aloa)
Jack lives in New York City

Who would win in a basketball game between Jack and Michael Jordan? (submitted by LeeBronJames)
Repairman Jack

Who would win: Jack vs. Michael Jordan and Larry Bird? (submitted by The GWH)
Repairman Jack

Who would win: Jack vs. Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson? (submitted by JabarInc)
Repairman Jack (but he would need one overtime period)

Where specifically in New York City does Jack live? (submitted by Lars Moa)
No one knows

At the age of 45, I am the millionaire owner of a large company. I am well-respected in my community. And I have a super hot girlfriend. What has Jack done? (submitted by LarryMcBigDude)
In the time it took you to write that question, Jack destroyed a religious cult, helped two old ladies cross the street, brought donuts to a local day care center, and made your girlfriend feel like a woman

Who would win in a fight to the death: Dane Cook or Jim Carrey? (submitted by MrCoffee)
Everyone would win