Colorful Clothing

I googled 'colorful clothing' and found a link that said, 'Best Colorful Clothing'-- there was a list; Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, and United Colors of Benetton. I have never seen anything colorful related to Fall Out Boy or Panic at the Disco.

You're right, Pete. Purple is a color. I guess I'm a lying bastard.

Just The Facts

  1. Scene kids wear colorful clothes.
  2. Scene kids are bad.
  3. ???
  4. PROFIT!

Flammability of Clothing on a Scale of One to Vesuvius:

There's two kinds of colors of clothing. Neutral, and dsjfhdjg. Dsjfhdjg is named so because of the sound you make when you see it up close. Today we are discussing dsjfhdjg clothes. These are worn by people who want to draw attention to themselves. Mainly scene kids, who are horrible, sticky and probably sweat garbage water by the look of their 'unkempt-overkempt' hair.


Trust me. This is bad-- and i know bad.

When Colorful Clothing is Appropriate and Why:

Colorful clothing is never appropriate except at funerals ever. The light radiating off of the cheap, 70% plastic fabric makes the wearer look uneducated and poor. Colors also make your triple chin more prominent. Also, scabies. In addition, you look fat and greasy in colours and should probably wear all black like the horrid, internet-dwelling nightcrawler you are-- but hey. At least you won't be mistaken for a parade float or a scene kid!
No but I'm sure you're lovely on the inside.
As long as you don't wear colorful clothing.

Beautiful on the inside.
Beautiful on the inside.

Who Invented Fabric Dye?

Some asshole in the third century made purple.
Purple is a tricky colour that tends to remain subtle and well behaved. Its stage name is Fuschia and should be anihilated as a clothing colour at all cost. It is as scene as lime green and hot pink, but more horrible because it could be nice if it wanted to be, which it plainly doesn't. It pains me when I see pants this colour.
It should cause you grief as well now that you're educated.
Thank you, go away.

not pink
not pink.