The Art Of Profanity

Any fool can swear, but only a master can blister paint at 50 feet and remove your balls at 100 using profanity alone. Cracked is fighting to return this art to its rightfully obscene place!

Amateur night again?

Cracked On Cursing

We could give you a long, drawn out history of profanity and how it developed from it's most archaic forms to the literary and verbal powerhouses they are today, but where is the fun in that. Or we could create a definitive list of favorites, but we would surely miss a humdinger or two.

Instead, we at Cracked, craftsmen of all things dirty, will attempt to illustrate how swearing enhances just about ANY sentence and are appropriate for every situation!!

Master Craftsmen

Drill Sergeants

These upstanding pillars of the military community are to cursing what Van Gogh was to the canvas. Nobody on Earth can make a grown man soil his greens more thoroughly and with such a convincing pastiche. They HAVE to be true artists of the form, for how else can they train naive young men to be good, dead soldiers?