Words With Friends

Words with Friends is a game for iPhones that is strangely similar to a certain word tile boardgame made by Parker Brothers. It is acclaimed for its internet multiplayer and the strange omissions from its dictionary.

yes, that is an acceptable word.

Just The Facts

  1. "Bitch" is not an acceptable word, but "Whore", "Shits" and "Poon" are. Despite the fact "bitch" is a term meaning "female dog"
  2. "Qi" and "Qat" are both acceptable Q words that don't require a U.
  3. Most people just play by placing their highest letter onto a twiple score space and then doing trial and error guessing to find a usable word.
  4. Turned based internet play with no time limit makes the game perfect for google cheating

The Crystal Meth of Language Games

Words with Friends is just a friendly name for the iPhone equivalent of methamphetamine. Basically a clone of Scrabble, its main selling point is turn based internet play, making it perfect for casual gaming moments like waiting in line, goldbricking at work or driving on an interstate highway.

Typical Words with Friends players can be spotted by checking their iPhones every other minute for new turns, unfortunately this also the same for non-Words with Friends iPhone users.

Words with Friends is easy to spot in the wild by its distinctive "popping bubbles" noise that plays when you play a word.


Words with Friends plays pretty much the same as Scrabble, but for the uninitiated, here's a quick rundown:

You have a board divided into a grid of squares, on some of the squares there's letters that signify that that square multiplies a the value of the letter or the word placed over it.

Each player recieves seven tiles at the beginning of the game, these tiles have letters upon them and each letter is worth a certain ammount of points, common ones like E or S are one point, while the rarest ones like Z or J are worth 10.

Players score points by spelling words with the tiles, higher scores are possible with the right combination of letters and multiplier places. There's a bonus for using all your letters in a round.

At the end of every round, each player draws new tiles until their number is brought up to seven unless there are no more tiles remaining in the tile pool.

Dictionary problems

Perfectly fine words that are not allowed: bitch, texting, memes, goths, lucite

"acceptable" words: jews (Jews is a proper noun which aren't accepted meaning that this is the derogatory verb form of the word), nazi (Godwin's Law?), shits, whore (How is this less offensive than bitch?), poon,

Cheating and Rage Quitting

Unlike traditional Scrabble, Words with Friends is turn based and non-real time. You can spend days thinking of words to play or, more likely, cheating on google. The fact that you're not face to face with your opponent removes all the normal threats of physical violence. It's pretty obvious when some people cheat because they go from playing words like "cat" and "home" and to suddenly pulling out ones like "epitome" and "qaran".

Rage quitting happens when crappy players are often paired against someone who's actually read books. Usually the Rage Quit takes place right after the opponent plays a long word or a word that touches on several multiplier spaces. Often cheating can be a factor in Rage Quitting.