Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan was the greatest martial artist/stuntman/comedian/choreographer ever. This was primarily because he did not give a fuck about his personal safety.

Just The Facts

  1. He is still alive, but his greatest films are sadly behind him
  2. He pioneered the use of incorporating the random objects in a scene into his kung-fu battles
  3. He is most famous for his bat-shit insane stunts that he does himself in every film in a homage to the silent era slapstick comedies he was inspired by
  4. Jackie Chan occasionally even wins Best Actor awards, but only because his co-stars are usually massive, bone-headed Australians
  5. In terms of asses-on-seats, Jackie Chan is one of the world's most popular film stars since watching his films is compulsory in China

Jackie Chan Fights

If you are really, seriously telling us that you have no idea who Jackie Chan is, or why you should like him, it's probably best to start with some of his best scenes.

Drunken Master!

Bench vs Bench!


The single comment below this video sums the scene up pretty well: "the best battle with a fan of all time."

Shin Attack! (3:30)

Versus Benny the Jet!

Jackie Chan Stunts

The following is Jackie Chan's own top stunts chosen by him in 1999, which is lucky since his English speaking films got a bit shit after this (we're looking at you The Tuxedo).

Jackie Chan Outtakes

All of Jackie Chan's films since Police Story have featured outtakes, as proof of him doing his own stunts. It also makes us laugh to see people hurt themselves.

These are the outtakes from Rumble in the Bronx. It is important to notice that he continues filming stunts while his leg is in a cast. It explains why he has no insurance on his body at all.