Movie Posters

Movie Posters are great ways for the industry to make their movie seem more awesome than it will eventually be.

The exception that proves the rule. This poster is as shit as the movie it's promoting.

Just The Facts

  1. Movie Posters were created to give audiences an idea of what the movie itself had in store for them.
  2. Nowadays, posters are used to make a movie appear impressive, either through bending the truth or outright lying.
  3. Good posters don't make you think, since thinking isn't something moviegoers want to do lately.

What does your movie poster say about your movie?

Todays fast paced world calls for a more subtle approach to advertising. Put simply, people don't want to look at a picture that's full of little details. We're not saying it's a good thing, we're just stating the facts. Back in the day, posters would tell a story, or give us an idea of the plot through multiple images. A good example of this is the Star Wars: A New Hope poster.

Two words: Fucking Awesome

What does this poster say? A lone young man, stood atop a rock, holding a glowing sword. Sort of like King Arthur, no? A large masked man, towering over the lone hero, next to an ominous structure floating above a peaceful city, starships streaking past him, in attack formation. The poster basically holds the plot of the film. One kid has to take his destiny-forged responsibilities, learn how to become a hero, and fight a growing empire that has taken over peaceful settlements.

Maybe it's just us....

Still, if you look at the poster for Scary Movie...

Yeah, all this tells us is a bunch of morons were given drug money and they decided to use it to fund their retarded script. Real creative. As for plot hints, all we get from this is: The guy from scream rounded up his next victims and forced them to watch a film in the cinema. The film in question was so terrible, they got bored and decided to reference other horror films they'd seen.

Unfortunately, we're not far off, are we?